Added V3 tonight. It wiped out my 3 licenses for CAM PLUS

How do I get my licenses back. The new V3 offered a 14 day trial which I don’t want but no place to say so.

you can remove the trial, then add the license to the cameras in the Camplus settings.
Go to Account > Services > Cam Plus > Edit, you should be able to uncheck the trial and then add the Licenses.


My license nunbers are gone.

I can not see your image, but are they in your account when you login to the store page? And if so are you logged into the same account? If they fell off your account somehow you should contact support, it may take a few days for them to get back to you.

I am about done! None of my cameras are now recording events. Not one of them. I have rebooted my phone. Router is fine. Cameras are live just not recording. And my Cam Plus X3 license numbers are no where to be found. Guess I will have to wait and contact support. Why all the problems all of a sudden. I have had my comeras up and running for as long as Wyze has been alive and never any problems.

Under the advanced settings for each camera, is recorded to SD card on? An SD card is required for recording. As for your license I asked some questions in my last post to try and help you with that. But you can also go to Account > services > Cam plus, and you should see the number of available licenses and you can tap to assign them to a camera. If you don’t see any you should make sure you are using the same account that you purchased the license with.

Thank you. I was on my desk top. Finally realized I should use my phone and I found them. Thanks again.