I signed up for a Cam Plus subscription but cannot assign it to my cameras

As the title says. I bought a Cam Plus subscription to Wyze in December, and I STILL cannot assign the licenses to the cameras.

Wyze says its a Google problem since the subscription was purchased on the Play Store. Google says that the licenses show up in the App, so I should contact Wyze. Wyze says “Not our problem”

The app shows two licenses, with a red circle with a 1 in it. Thats it, I can’t do anything with this.

Wyze says they would give me a credit for my inconvenience, but I don’t want any more of their products, if they can’t make the one I paid for work properly.


What happens if you select the free license?

I get to put it in one of my cameras. But its just for one camera.

Can you post a screenshot of what happens?

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And if I assign it, the 1 goes away, but now I have no license for the other camera

If you have an active trial license on a cam you can not assign the paid version. Wait until the trial runs out then your second paid version can be used. There is a way to delete the trial version but I forgot how to do it??

So, if I have a free (not trial) then my paid licences cannot be used? This Free thing doesn’t seem to have an expiry, its been there since December

I have no idea what a free license is, nothing in the world is free :grin: I don’t believe that WYZE would give you a CP license for free that would have no expiration date. I think you need to call support and talk to them and fix your account. 206-339-3226 4AM-8PM M-F and 8AM-4PM pacific times . Or you can use the 1-844-999-3226 number, same hours.

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I guess so?? I have never figured out why people buy things like this from the Google Play store, seems kind of goofy to me but I like things simple. :upside_down_face: I wold just cancell all the CP, get a refund and purchase two more from WYZE. I cancelled 4 and purchased one a year ago but that was all from WYZE.

I’ve seen complaints about both apple and google creating licensing problems regarding CamPlus. Solution is to only purchase directly from Wyze.

I’m having this same issue and I purchased 3 Cam Plus licenses directly from Wyze. I can’t connect any of them to the cameras. Someone mentioned the trial period might be the problem. I have 2 days left on the trial so maybe that’s it? Seems a little crazy that I can’t use the paid subscription. It’s very frustrating.

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Since you only have 2 days left let it run out then assign the paid version to the cams.

I too am having the same problem. When I go to the app and try to assign my four (4) licenses, it doesn’t let me and says “bad request” over and over. I’ve now purchased the plan both on my phone through the app store and now through the website, I am still having the same issue.

Yeah. I’ve tried everything. I purchased two licenses, and somehow have a "free"license in there that I can assign to one camera but then the other one can’t get a license

This is a scam company. No support and we’re all left here trying to ask for help from each other.

Someone asked me why I didn’t purchase from Wyze. Well because the app took me to the Play store to subscribe. It didn’t take me to the Wyze site.

The reason these are so cheap is because they get you to sign up two or three times each camera. I left them a bad review and they responded with an apology to make it look like they actually try to resolve complaints. Tough luck

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They don’t allow you to cancel. All you can do is cancel the renewal. They still have the money I already paid.

As to why I purchased through Google Play, it’s because the APP takes you there to subscribe. Perhaps they should direct you to the Wyze site instead, but then they won’t get to scam you into multiple subscriptions

I cancelled 4 CP yearly licenses over the phone and got a refund.
Did you try this: ?

I tried, but they said that since it was purchased through Google Play, I had to ask Google for a refund. Where did you purchase the refunds you got?

I purchased and cancelled from WYZE, refund for unused portion of 1 year licenses was provided by WYZE. If they are on your WYZE account I don’t understand why you should have to deal with Goggle Play? Goggle has no use for Cam Plus because it will only work with WYZE. If I were you I would call WYZE at 1-844-999-3226 and ask to speak to someone with some common sense and also ask what the business arrangement is with the play store. Goggle Play is selling you a WYZE Service not a Google service. :frowning_face: