Cam plus Licenses

I purchased two V3 cams with Cam plus included promo…
I want to assign my licenses to the cameras, On my phone app it’s says this license can’t be managed from the Wyze app.? So I go to my desktop and it’s tells me I have no cameras available. Although my V3 cams show up as a 14 day trial? How do I apply the licenses to my two cameras…?
Wyze Services.pdf (71.5 KB)

You have to delete the 14 day trial first to make the camera available . Did you get an email with a code to redeem your cam plus licenses?

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No email with code?

On the home page of the app tap your account far right, then go to services and tap that and see what is says. Cam Plus should be shown, tap that to expand. It may also show your 14 day trial near the bottom. If you do not have any licenses available you will probably need to wait for the code to redeem the plus licenses. I got an email 7-8 days later with the codes. Or just call support 1-844-999-3226 M-F 5 AM to 6PM
Maybe read this:


The app question was not from me it is part of the discussion, tap the green letters to read it. Anyway if you do not see any available licenses you need to get the code to redeem, then go to edit and remove the 14 day trial before you can apply the CP license. It says there are no cameras available because they are on the trial.