Unable to assign licenses

I subscribed to an annual plan for cam plus last year when a special was being run and I delayed assigning it to any cameras for a while. My subscription came up and was auto-renewed based on the day I subscribed, not when I assigned it to a camera. When I go to the Services or Cam Plus Lite page and try to assign any of my cameras I get the error “The device license in the service is insufficient” and when I go to a camera I am unable to adjust cam plus settings. Please resolve.

Hi @wstocker This is a user forum, but I am sure some of the community members here may be able assist.

Can you post some screen shots of what you are seeing.

Where did you purchase your Cam Plus license?

Lastly, did you sign up for Cam Plus Lite?

(Copied from @spamoni4 )In order to use it, you need to make sure you have opted into it. Log into your account from a browser and check your services first. If you don’t see it, then go here: Wyze Home Monitoring Service or click on Add Service. you will need to scroll to the bottom and select Cam Plus Lite

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@wstocker , @R.Good asked great questions which can aid in providing the support.
In addition, as he stated, posting a picture will also help.

However, what Cam Plus License was auto Renewed? You can see this by one of the following:

If your Plan already has the camera’s associated to it and you have no available licenses, you will not be able to add any more camera’s. If you are wanting to use Cam Plus Lite (CPL), you will need to add it as a service as shown in the first image I provided.

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See video here `iOS Screen Recording

At this time I’m not yet worried about lite, I want my full service working right.

Thank you for sharing.

Can you log into your services account on the Wyze website and ensure that the Cam Plus license shows as renewed and that you were billed. The apps shows as expired. It may be a sync issue? (Assuming you are logged into the Wyze App with the same account you purchased the licenses with)

If so try logging out of the app and logging back it. If you haven’t already done so.

If it shows renewed and an authentication refresh does not resolve, you will most likely need to contact support to get your account aligned properly with the services purchased.

Here is how to contact Wyze Support. (I have had the best experience when calling vs. a Ticket or Chat).
Contact Wyze