Can not add cameras to cam plus unlimited

This is becoming a known issue with IOS cam plus subscription assignment. Please get an app log in account > Wyze support AFTER reproducing the issue. Post the log number here. Thanks!

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I have about 35 cameras on my unlimited license. Yesterday it showed 67 licenses available. Today I added the first of my new Pan V3 cameras. Now it says I have 21 licenses available. Shows the same on both my Android and &^%$# iPhone. Adding the new camera was done via the iPhone.
Log # 896041

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Does anybody have an update Wyze customer service is no longer responding or entering into a dialogue about this problem with me

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience here. I noticed there are two issues existing in this thread. One is the error 1000 on ios when using unlimited plan. Another one is cannot add more cameras into unlimited plan while there are still space (way under 99).

Error 1000 is under investigation now. Could you please provide me with more info on the cannot add more cameras into unlimited plan? @dmsid @K6CCC @c.andrew.sanders , is there any chance you could also direct message me your username for wyze? Thank you!

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I now have over 100 free licenses of 99



I see the Error 1000 issue when adding a Pan V3. Even though this says Pan V3 #2, I did not add a #1. I don’t currently have another Pan V3 to add.

My count WAS correct, but as I just checked it it was 50 free with 11 used. So broke. Log in 898179. I’m PM’ing you my user email address.


I’m having this issue, after ADDING a camera to my CPUL license the app has a seizure and there’s like 3 diffrent loading signs, the red error banner flickers, and app scrolls itself up and down quickly a few times, all the devices disappear and come back, and after about 5 seconds of that it calms and you can see the results. Sometimes alls good, the cam is assigned and everything else is fine, other times it fails to edit anything, or sometimes even a random camera will become unassigned…

I took a screen recording but I’m not going to be able to upload it until later so I will dm you that Desmond asap


New change. A few days ago it was showing 18 licenses available with about 35 in use. Now it does not show any available licenses - Android or iPhone.
Log # 899084

I tried to see if it worked and it did not. I am now can’t get anything to do anything so I’m just gonna wait and be a disappointing customer because now my security is pretty much zero I’m basically hanging a whole bunch a plastic on my house that provides no additional security at all. I’ve been with you guys from day one and I just wish you would stop acting like a start up and start acting like a professional company yes, I’ve kind of lost it at this point.

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A little late, but i just submitted log id 904141

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Thank you, I will see if they are still looking for logs and give them the log if they are.

I am the same as many of the people that reported this problem in this thread.

I purchased cam plus unlimited.
It worked great for a week with all my cameras.
I got the a new pan V3 and installed that,
It seemed after I installed the Pan V3 that the licenses started failing.
It says I don’t have enough licenses.
I purchased a second unlimited plan.
Even with both plans it still only allows me to have 20 - 30 cameras.
Is the Pan V3 eating all the licenses?

I submitted log:


Thanks in advance for fixing this for us all soon

I’ll try to uninstall the Pan V3 and see if that works?

I tried deleting the Pan V3 camera, but I still can’t assign licenses to cameras.

It stops at 20 cameras.

I first reported this issue. And I have been talking with people at the supervisor level at Wyze. They are aware of the problem they have no ETA as to when the problem is going to be fixed. I find it very interesting that they will not list this problem on their status page so that people will know that they’re having this severe problem.

I also tried creating a one month unlimited subscription, but I to found that it would not allow me to have additional cameras installed so I went ahead and canceled it so I wouldn’t have to pay for it and just got the free time.

I just find it amazing that there are so many people who are having this problem but why is Wyze not publicly acknowledge the problem.

If you haven’t yet, please submit your logs and keep this thread alive so that this doesn’t get buried under the carpet

This has gone on long enough for me. I’m canceling the subscription. I bought SD cards for all my cameras. Notifications will give me time indexes.

I find it stupid that if you buy a lot of their product, they don’t seem to care about the issue. If you have under 20, it seems like you’re fine. That’s faulty logic in my book. This instance has put doubt in my mind in that I’m debating continuing to buy Wyze products in the future. Sad really.

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I hope that this problem is a technical issue that triggers a re-consideration of all the time and effort It’s costing the company to segregate all these services and provide certain services with this equipment on this account but not those etc.

The segregation management itself must be costing far more than the $100 per year they are trying to collect.

How much more equipment will Wyze sell if they raised the price $1 for every piece of equipment and then delete the segregation management costs by giving all services to everyone on all equipment?

Instead of people trying to figure out if they want to choose the product because they don’t know which segregated package to choose, they will instead buy all the equipment and appreciate all the services included.

How much more equipment will people buy and how much more will they pay per item with all services included?

Charge extra for extra storage. Give them the first bit for free and then charge for larger storage blocks after that.

Storage doesn’t need segregation management for equipment and customers etc.

Storage a great ongoing forever service since no one wants to delete their video history.

Storage is a growing future revenue since the people with the free storage to begin with soon fill it up and of course they want more and they’re happy to pay more to get more.

Selling storage for video history is much more simple and makes a lot more sense than trying to segregate different services for different devices for different customers.

Go back to the original word that Wyze gave us all that they will not charge for software services and then see how the equipment sales numbers boom again and how many more happy customers are thrilled to have such great equipment with such great services at one great price.


I don’t know why you think this way. What you call the segregation Management is really pretty trivial. Video comes in and the camera is looked up in a database to see what level of service that camera gets. That’s pretty easy stuff.

Wow, after dealing with 3 people in tech support email, I fi be duly found this thread!
What a joke for customer service….
Log info 907415
Same issue as described.
Please fix it!

Log 907415