CamPlus License Count Is Wrong

Just noticed that the app is not correct with regards to assigned CamPlus licenses. I’ve only assigned 16 of 99 licenses but the app shows only 31 available.


Interesting. My count is correct there (85+14), so maybe not a global issue at least.

I’d definitely contact support on that one. They may be able to clear up the issue. Let us know how it goes.


Sorry, don’t have time to waste on that. The count changed last night down to 25 after I posted so it is an app or server issue. I have a water leak in my kitchen ceiling which is a much higher priority.

Update: Had a few minutes to test. If I click add a camera and then close that screen, my iPhone screen bounces around with an error 1000 before it comes back and shows a different number of available licenses. Bounced from a high of 63 to a low of 25 available licenses but never the same number.

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I just checked mine. All correct. 25\75 (99+1).

But… I am on the Android app. As I have been reading, this iOS app update isn’t getting any love.


This is an issue some others have come across and we are already looking into it. I will let you know what I find out.