Licenses count is wrong

Previously I was paying for 9 cam plus license. I decided it was time to switch to the Cam Plus annual unlimited plan. So I paid for it on the website.
Now, my app show:
9x cam plus (previous order)
1x cam plus (order from today that was charged as unlimited 99$ for 99x cam plus, but only have 1x cam plus from this subscription)
is there a fix?

Agatha from support replied to my email, but they certainly did not read my message as they only sent me the procedure to cancel my subscription with wyze lol.

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Hi, I was informed there was a bug causing something like this to happen recently.

They said that all you need to do is contact support and they will get a manual fix put in for it.

If Agatha didn’t understand what you were asking for, I would try again. If they still don’t fix it, please copy your support ticket number in here for us and we’ll escalate this for you for someone to look into.