Cam Plus problems

Any one having problems with the Cam Plus? I can only assign 1 camera. I have 6 licenses.

Welcome to the community @Streak327 . I am a community member like you and try to assist when I can.

I am Not having issues with Cam Plus. Are you using iOS or Android?

To assign additional licenses, you can do the following:

  1. Click on Account at the bottom
  2. Click on CamPlus top Left
  3. you should see something like this
  4. Click on the Free License line, assuming you see that.
  5. Assign which ever camera you would like.

When you go to the account tab, take a look at this part. At the bottom it will show you the available licenses:

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89 licenses!

Yea, I am on the 99 camera’s for $99 a year. I had 10 camera’s which put me over that amount, so I switched. :slight_smile: