Cam Plus Unlimited - Linking Cameras

Hi, I recently purchased the cam plus unlimited plan. I currently have 11 cameras but am only able to assign 1 camera to the unlimited license. In the services section of the app it says “Annual Plan - 1 Licenses.” I am able to select which camera is assigned, but can only select one at a time. Any suggestions? Thanks

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If the Unlimited Subscription is showing in the App under Account → Services, it should show as “Annual Plan - 99 Licenses”.

If it is only showing you 1 licence, it is likely not the Unlimited plan that is showing.

If you purchased this from the Wyze Website, go to and login to your account. Verify that you are showing the Unlimited plan within your subscription list.

If it is there and still not showing as 99 Licenses in the app, try clearing the app cache in Account → App Settings, Signing out in Account, close the app, force stop from your OS, reopen, sign in and test.

If it still doesn’t show, you may need to contact Customer Support to get it corrected. I have read recently of two other users who purchased CP-U and had to get CS to reset it to get it to show in the app.


Thank you. I have done all of that and confirmed that my web account reflects 99 licenses. I will contact customer service.


I called customer service and they resolved the issue in 15 minutes. Thanks for the suggestion!


So glad they were able to get it resolved! This is now the third instance I have encountered of the Unlimited subscription purchase not migrating to the app.

Both of the other two were also on iOS. Might be a trend Wyze needs to look at.

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Yes it’s looking like a trend . Me and now two other users now reported this issue when buying the unlimited plan .

Hopefully Wyze will take some notice…


I had the same problem today as well. Contacted customer support and trouble shooted. They said they will refund and then redo the subscription. In the app it is showing 1 licenses to use but on the website it shows 99. It also shows on the website “You have 99 camera(s) active on annual unlimited subscription.” Not sure if this means all cameras are used up or what this means,