Don’t see cam plus unlimited on my Wyze app

I just bought cam plus unlimited but I don’t see it on my Wyze app so I can’t enroll my cams. Not sure if I missed anything so Any feedback welcome

Try clearing your app cache in account > app settings. Then force close the app. Your subscription should now appear under account > services

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Thanks. I did but still don’t see it, just my old annual plans with one license each. Anything else I can try?

How did you buy the Unlimited Subscription? Thru the Wyze Website or thru the app?

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I just ran into this same issue not too long ago. I bought the unlimited plan on the website and the 99 licenses didn’t show up in the app.

I did all of the troubleshooting steps : cleared app cache , force quit app, and sign out and sign back into the app but it never showed up.

I had to call support for this and what they did was refund the plan I bought , and used that credit to buy another unlimited plan and after they did that I was instructed to close the app and check ny services tab again and the 99 licenses was their !

Maybe support can help with this as well !


Thanks. I also reached out and they fixed it shortly. Definitely contact them if you don’t see it.