Cam Plus Unlimited sub missing on app but shows on

I had previous subscriptions to Cam-plus but then upgraded to Cam Plus unlimited some time ago. Recently, on the android app, I checked my account and noticed that it did not list ANY Cam Plus subscriptions. Nothing. When looking at individual cameras the Cam + logo is greyed, and when I tap it, it wants to sign me up for a new subscription. When I go to (web browser not app) I can clearly see my unlimited subscription and all of my 15 cameras are assigned with a check mark next to each. It even says 15/99 subs used. Both my app and the web portal are using the same account with the same email address.

What’s going on here?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hey @aemasters,
I would first make sure you are on the latest Wyze app version then clear the WYZE app cache. Then I would log out of the WYZE App and log back in to the Wyze app.

If this doesn’t resolve the the issue on the WYZE app try reaching out to support and providing a log file from your Wyze app.