Wyze Cam Plus subscription not showing in account settings

Yesterday I upgraded to Cam Plus, I checked the order status and it was processed and marked fulfilled. The new plan is not showing up on my account, it’s still only showing original LITE subscription. I started because of the promotional 1 month plan. All 6 of my cameras are not showing up, not recording as well, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you possibly use different email accounts to purchase the license vs the one you use to manage your devices?

I don’t think so, login for the subscription was the same as I use to normally login. The very first account was using an email address that was discontinued and domain closed many years ago. All transaction receipts and notices came to the correct address.

It’s also interesting that now it shows plus on my phone but it’s not the unlimited version that was purchased, I’m still digging into it but theres nothing easy between bouncing between 2 websites and a phone app.