CamPlus Annual Subscription Missing

Wyze backend is broken again. My CamPlus unlimited is missing from my account. @WyzeJasonJ ???

Still shows as active.

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Good luck. It was a struggle for me for them to fix it. They tried saying I never paid for it!

Yes, but I included my paid subscription.


On my Android tablet, which is running an earlier version of the Wyze app, I’m told that I do not have CamPlus. On my phone, which is running the latest Android beta app, it does show me as having CamPlus but I can’t interact with it.

On a Reddit post about the latest beta version, I saw that camera selection will be missing from the beta app until it goes public. I suspect that’s related to all of this.

Also, WebView does not work any longer and shows me as not having CamPlus; asks me to subscribe. I am subscribed to CamPlus Unlimited Annual and have been since December 31, paid in full.

I did pay for mine. That’s the thing. :joy:


Are you running the beta app or the production app?

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I’m having a similar problem, wyze live says I don’t have access. But I paid for the cam plus subscription. See ticket #3733315

Beta and different versions have different problems. One says I don’t have CamPlus Unlimited and another says I have it but doesn’t allow me to see the cameras assigned.

This problem started for me on Thursday morning. It was working Wednesday evening.