Cannot apply Cam Plus Licenses

I have two Cam Plus paid subscriptions but the app will not allow me to apply them to either camera

Do those cameras have the camplus trial on them still?

Not that I am aware of. Been working fine for a few months and think it started this past firmware update

Are these new camplus subscriptions you are trying to add to a camera? If I understand correctly, if you go to Account > services > camplus in app, and click edit, you don’t see the cameras you want to add camplus too? Does it say you have two licenses available? What cameras are you trying to add the subs to?

What do you mean by this? The cameras have been working fine?

Licenses are not new and have had them on these two cams for a few months. Trying to add back to my two outdoor cams. Yes it shows I have two licenses but cams do not come up to apply them to.

Ended up having to cancel my two subscriptions and purchasing them again to be able to apply to my cameras. There was some glitch that showed them applied when they were not. Did get a refund for the deleted ones.