Cam plus license failure

I am very tired of always having problems with the service. I have paid for 4 Cam plus licenses and they appear loaded in the app. But I can’t detect people because it says I don’t have an active license! Every day is a new problem. It is a very unstable and undoubtedly unreliable service. Totally dissatisfied.

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In the wyze app

Go to account > services and check if your licenses are assigned to your cameras

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What type of cams are on these licenses?

Are all 4 experiencing the same license no-load?

Many have been able to reset their app cache to get it to reload updated data from the web. It doesn’t always work depending on the cam type, but it is worth a shot.

After you have verified that all 4 cams are assigned to the appropriate license within the CamPlus banner in the Account → Services tab:

  1. Account → App Settings → Clear [Cache]
  2. Account → App Settings → Sign Out
  3. Force Stop app from your OS
  4. Open app, log in, test.

I thank you for the answer. The cameras are assigned correctly. Thank you!


I thank you for the answer! With the 4 cameras the same thing happens to me. I’m going to try clearing the cache. Thank you!

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It worked by clearing the cache! Thank you!!!


Glad it was successful!

Sometimes the app just needs slapped upside the noggin to get back in line.

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Thanks :pray:t2:

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