Cam Plus Licenses Missing on App

I have 4 Cam Plus licenses I purchased in August 2020. All 4 used to be visible on my app. Now only 2 are showing but I’ve verified on the website that I have 4. I’ve tried calling for help, but no one could figure it out.

Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing in the app?

Here’s a screen shot of what I have on the app. I’ve submitted a log twice in the past month with this screenshot and description and have not had any response.

Can you click “edit” and see how many licenses you have left to add? Post a screen shot of that page also?

Edit only shows the 2 licenses.

Can you click the check boxes on the right for the 2 other cameras you want camplus on? I have two camplus subs, and two cameras selected, and it says I have 0 available subscriptions. Your screen shot says you have two available subscriptions, That’s not telling you how many you have used that’s telling you how many you have left to use.

Should look like this when you have used them up.

I have done that. When I do that and hit activate, it goes back to the previous screen. When I click edit again, the cameras I selected are no longer selected. Only the 2 I’ve had active are showing selected.

Thanks for the update! What app version are you on? Beta? Production?

The first trouble shooting thing I would try would be to select the 4 you want camplus on and hit activate. Don’t touch anything, just let it sit on that page for a few moments. Then go back into the edit and see if the settings change took. Trying to rule out a slow connection or latency issues. Maybe disable mobile data and try wifi only or disable wifi and try mobile data only. Ramping up the troubleshooting I’d try logging out and back into the app then trying the change. Next restart phone, then try. If still persists I’d uninstall app, restate phone, Reinstall app. Do you have another device that has the app you could try the change on? Other than these I am out of ideas for right now.

I actually have the app on my personal phone which is an iPhone and I also downloaded it on my work cell which is a Samsung running Android. I’m having the issue on both devices. I’ve tried logging out on both apps, deleting and reinstalling the apps and still the issue persists. Another crazy thing is I can remove the assigned licenses from the current devices and move them to different devices. But I cannot activate all 4. It’s really strange and don’t know what else to do.

The issue is STILL not resolved as of December 9th!

"When I bought my cam v.2 back in August, I bought Cam Plus, too. I loved the features. I recently received my new Cam v.3. While it was en route to me, I purchased another Cam Plus for that new camera. When I set up my new Cam v.3, the trial Cam Plus activated automatically. The moment that happened, I noted that the Cam Plus and all features that were activated disappeared from my original Cam Pan camera fm August. If you look at my account, you will see one subscription purchased in August and one pending… waiting for my free trial to end on my new Cam v.3 so I can apply it to that camera. So, I would like my subscription purchased back in August that vanished to be activated again so I can reconfigure the settings for person monitoring, etc. "