Can I activate my CamPlus subscription to a wyze cam shared with me from another user? and/or can I transfer ownership of CamPlus to another account?

As mentioned in the subject.
I have a single Camplus license, and just 2 cameras. I am thinking about getting the 4 camera license,
So that will give me 5x CamPlus, on 2 cameras.
However I’m also shared another 2 cameras from another user, so my view has 4 available cameras.

Q1) Can I apply one of my CamPlus subscriptions to another users camera that is shared with me?

Q2) Can I transfer ownership of my single CamPlus sub to another account?

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Here are some support site links related to your questions.


Thank you for pointing out these items, I don’t know why I missed those.
Makes good sense to me.
So perhaps I’ll just need to get a few more camera’s :sunglasses: