I have two Wyze V3 cameras under one account but I do not want to group them. They have different names and email addresses. In June 2023, I purchased Cam Plus for CAM 1. A few days ago I bought another CamPlus directly from the Wyze website and was surprised there was no place to add the camera name that it should be installed on. But the purchase went through.
It so happened that they “parked” the CamPlus in the first camera that already had one. In that iPhone’s “Account” (top left) it reads "CamPlus > “1 Licence available. Tap to assign.” However, when I tap it takes me to where they sell the CamPlus. There is nothing to click that does not take me to buying CamPlus. And I am not allowed to make any changes in either iPhone… Changes should be made in Wyze’s website… The problem is, nothing can be accomplished there either. Since camera 1 has the CamPlus bought for camera 2 “available” and nothing works to transfer the CamPlus service to camera 2, what is a viable solution? If you know, please comment. Thank you.

Your email address that you use to login into the Wyze App is your “Account Identifier”.

If you have two cams and they are under different email addresses, they are also on seperate accounts. You can’t have cams under different email addresses on the same account. If the cams are installed to the same account, they are under the same email.

If the two cams are indeed installed to two different login accounts with seperate emails, the new purchase would have to have been made while logged into the account containing the second cam. If you purchased the second cam license under the first account containing Cam 1, there is no way to get that license onto Cam 2 without installing Cam 2 to Account 1.

Licenses are non-transferable. But you may get some sort of help from Customer Support if you contact them and explain the issue.

(206) 339-9646 or (581) 500-1166 (Canada)