Two separate subscriptions

I have two separate subscriptions using two different email accounts to sign up. One set of cameras at a home and one single camera at my mom’s senior apartment.

I paid to have cam plus added onto the senior apartment camera however it does not show up. Paid through Apple Pay. It appears if went to the other account of cameras at the home??

Also, how do you change payment method? I used Apple Pay for both accounts so is that why the cam plus won’t activate on the single apt camera?

So all purchased licenses went through the account with your home cameras on it? Do others have access to the Camera at your mom’s apartment? If your use case permits you could install the moms apt camera into your main account and apply the license that should of gone to that other account to it. Otherwise you would need to cancel the camplus from the main account and make sure to purchase the new license with the other accounts email to make sure it goes to the right Wyze account.