Why Can’t I switch cameras from CamPlus to CamPlus Lite?

I was trying to move one camera from CamPlus to CamPlus Lite and the app forced all the cameras to my unlimited CamPlus license. Now I can’t move any of them back to CPL. The app won’t let me remove any cameras from CamPlus so that I can reassign them to lite. WTF?

App 2.48.0(4) on both iPad and iPhone.

First thing I see is that your app version is behind a few versions…

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Updated to the current beta same result.


Cannot remove cameras from CamPlus. They just keep getting readded without any action on my part.

Created a log. 1310465

If you have CamPlus unlimited, why would you want to move one or more cameras to CamPlus lite?

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Just because. As I stated, in case I decide I don’t want CamPlus.

Also, just tested and I have to completely remove the camera and add it back to get it to CPL. Have to bail out of the app when it tries to add the new camera to CamPlus Unlimited.

Sounds like a new bug. Too bad the Fix it Friday deadline just passed. Still, let me alert @WyzeMatt that this thread might interest him. I know he’s been working on trying to make a lot of upgrades to Cam Plus Unlimited streamlined and seamless, so maybe this is an unintended or unforeseen consequence of Wyze trying to automatically help people when they upgrade to CPUnlimited.


It’s been a thing forever that you cannot downgrade a camera from CP to CPL, but I have never heard of it doing that automatically.

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News to me…been doing it regularly until now.

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Me too under Android. Just uncheck a CP cam via app and it’s unassigned. Then add to CPL. Haven’t tried iOS app.

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Furthermore, why did it move ALL cameras to CamPlus when I didn’t try to change those on CPL? I only tried to move one camera from CamPlus to CamPlus Lite and ALL those on CPL were suddenly on CamPlus.

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I don’t know. I may try to reproduce on an iPhone or iPad late this weekend. In the middle of too many tests right now and can’t afford to mess up my subscriptions. :pensive:

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So I don’t know the exact specifics here… but I’ll tell you what I do know.

  1. You’d be shocked to know the number of customers who buy a Cam Plus Unlimited plan and then don’t assign their cameras to the plan. It shocked me when I first saw the number.

  2. We don’t automatically assign your cameras to the Cam Plus Unlimited plan at this moment… though I have been pushing us to do that because it’s not super intuitive to customers to buy a subscription and then go do some work to attach all the cameras to that subscription. Most other companies bind the cameras automatically. This is something I want to do in the future and we will most likely do it.

  3. This sounds like a strange edge case I’m not aware of that has to do with the CPL license. If you submit a log # I can take a look.

  4. If you are worried about cost of CPU (let’s face it, $10/mo isn’t nothing) we do run regular promotions of an $89/yr CPU Unlimited plan. I believe I ran that last week and it’s always a huge hit, especially in these times of inflation and annoying monthly subscriptions.

I’ve even thought about running a “Lock in your rate for 2 years” promotion just to help customers plan ahead with finances better and not feel like we are bleeding your dry with monthly bills.

That was long winded, but all that to say. I’m here to help.


First off I submitted a log number, posted above.

Second, I don’t want all my cameras on CamPlus. I’m still debating if it is worth the cost. I have several outdoor cameras and when it rains I get hundreds of recordings of rain drops. I’ve had CamPlus for a few years but keep a few cameras on CPL to keep it active in case I decide to drop CamPlus. I will say, if you force my cameras to CP I WILL drop the subscription.

I also keep the CPL license for testing. But I’m quite unhappy that I cannot move cameras between the two licenses.


Your right, I was confusing it with the inability to unassigned a camera from CPL unless your moving it to CP

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As to cost, I can buy an Amcrest NVR to do most of what CamPlus does for the equivalent of about 3yrs subscription cost:


Or for even less:

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FYI, I often go many months with zero cameras on CPLite, then will switch one back over to it to test something out for a user who says something isn’t working for them with it. You don’t need to keep a camera on it to keep it active or prevent it from disappearing. It doesn’t ever go away.

Having said that, everyone still needs the option to be able to use it. For example, what if a person actually WANTS to have a 5-minute cooldown so they aren’t getting constant notifications about something, but still want to get person detections. I could totally see someone preferring to use CPLite in certain circumstances. But regardless, the option should definitely be fixed regardless of someone’s reasons for it.


Any updates? Did you find anything in the log? Just tested and it did it again. Log #1312294.

Tried to just transfer a CP Unlimited license to “Unassigned Camera” for an existing camera with a license and, not only did that not work, but the camera I had assigned to CPL was moved to CP Unlimited.

Needs to be fixed ASAP.

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I may be wrong, but it looks like your test case is Barn door, and the icon looks to me like it’s a v3. Is that right? If so, I’m pretty sure the v3’s are not eligible for CPL, as I think their cut off was prior to the v3 release. Perhaps your pan cams are eligible, but I think you have to remove them (select “unassigned camera”) from CP before you can assign to CPL.

I’ve got a doorbell and v3s and some old pans, and the pans are the only ones that are eligible for CPL.

V3’s are eligible for Cam+ Lite.

I can confirm this bug. I can’t even remove from Cam+, cameras that I’m not using.

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