Cam plus lite not working!

After spending much time on the phone with tech support, cam plus lite is still not working at all. I have 12 cams. 4 new all on free trial period. The other 8 have all defaulted to snapshots. I have updated everything, both (all) cams and app. I cannot get the app to accept the 8 cams on cam plus lite. I select them and nothing occurs. Tech support is at a loss!
Now what do I do? I purchased VIDEO cams NOT still cams!!!
I am NOT happy. I used to highly recommend these, but not anymore.

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Welcome to the forum ! @bobculley3

In the app, go to account > services and make sure that cam plus lite license is assigned to the camera

Been there done that! I select the check box next to the cams and then nothing! Hit close, nothing!
doesnt work!
Tech support took me through this several times already, does not work!

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Clear app cache and close the app

Go to account > scroll down to app settings > clear cache and force quit the app and try again.

done that as well, same results!

Welcome to the community @bobculley3 , sorry to hear you are having an issue.

Can you provide the Camera Type you are having issues with as well as the Firmware Version of the Camera and the App version you are using? This helps when we providing some possible steps.

Since you have indicated that the cameras are indeed on CPL and I assume you see Person detection when setting up the cameras, I would do the following as this has helped in the past. Only test with one camera first:

  • Start a Live Stream of the Camera
  • Go to the Settings Page
  • Go to Notification Menu and turn off all notifications selected, then turn off Notifications all together and back out to the Live Stream page. This ensures everything is saved as it should
  • Go back to the Settings and select Event Recording and turn off all Event Recording option and then Detects Motion last.
  • back out to the main screen
  • go to Account Menu
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select App Settings and clear Cache
  • Back out to the Account menu and Scroll Down to the bottom and Choose Sign out. Make sure you have your 2FA information and password to log back in
  • On Android, long press on the App icon and select App Info
  • Do a Force Stop
  • Go to Storage and Cache and clear Cache there as well
  • Close that page down
  • Then Restart your device or log back in (I always restart to be safe)
  • Once logged back in, start the same Live Stream of the camera and go back into Event Recording. Turn on Detects Motion followed by the other options you would like selected
  • On the Notification Menu turn on Notifications and the turn on the type of notifications you would like.

Back out to the main live stream and see if notifications and video events are working


Thanks for the info.
All of my cams and app are up to date on their revisions. Cams are both v2 & v3. Android operating system.
The cameras SHOULD be in CPL…I can not get them on that.
I select the check boxes next to the cams…nothing.
Click on close…nothing.
Go back to add cams, all check boxes are clear again!
I performed all of the steps that you outlined here. No change at all!
I spent over an hour with a wyze tech support person, they had no idea either.
Any additional al help would be appreciated!!!
I am very disappointed in this.

Possibly you can give me a call tomorrow to “walk me through” these steps again or try other things?
Call my cell.
I am on the East coast, so anytime between 8 and 5.
I may have to call you back if I am in a meeting though.
Thanks again,

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If you cannot select that option then you may not be enrolled in Cam Plus Lite.

Go here and follow the steps to Opt-In to Cam Plus Lite. Once you Opt-In, you can add your cameras to CPL and you should get your 12 second video’s.


I am already enrolled in CPL

Can you attach a picture showing your CPL service and the cameras attached. Then send a picture of the Settings screen for the affected camera.

Also, I would remove the cameras from CPL and then restart the device. After that, I would add the camera back and do the setup.

Another alternative is to contact Wyze directly and get a ticket number. Also submit a log of the issue. You can contact Wyze by phone here:

or go here:


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I agained called and contacted wyze tech support.
I got a “first tier” support person. They had me go through and basically duplicate everything that I have already performed (firmware verifications, CPL enrollment, etc).
I need a higher level of support.
Is there anyway that I can contact you directly?

We’re all here to help you, no need to contact directly.

Can you please provide the screenshot requested above, that will help us help you :slight_smile:

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We are volunteer community members, this is why we ask for certain screen shots so we can better provide the needed support.

If you cannot toggle your person detection for the camera in question, then that would imply it is not seeing the camera associated with CPL. Did you perform the steps I provided above? This has helped others out in the past and would like to know your experience after you did them.

Trying to start from scratch or a known point.

I sent several screen shots. What others do you want?

You have not sent any screenshots in this thread. Please click the little up arrow at the bottom of the text box and upload your images.

Try this

3rd one

Can you clarify, by snapshots do you mean a square icon in the bottom left corner of the event thumbnail, or when you click it is there a green bubble with a ? In it below the image. Can you send a screenshot of your events tab

Yes, exactly.
Screenshot attached.