Cam Plus Lite subscription errors trouble ticket # 1808943

I am trying to enroll into the Cam Plus Lite to try out the services. It gets to the last screen confirming added subscriptions and fees, and just hangs without progressing. Is the amount I want to pay for a trial… $0.00 an issue? You all send emails and notifications to get in before the deadline, but I can’t get any help with the website or my account. Ive emailed support and gotten 2 or 3 generic trouble shooting responses.

trouble ticket # 1808943

I’m having similar issues. I also signed up at $0.0 but that was only because I wasn’t sure how many of my cameras could use this function AND because I wasn’t sure if I would like/need it until I tried it. If it is advantageous for me to use it I will increase the monthly amount I would pay to use it. So far I’m not seeing any benefits of it (for me). I’m more confused than anything else.

Welcome to the forums! Have you tried a different browser? Maybe using a different browser will not get hung up.

Browser? I’m using the Wyze APP. At least I am. Can’t talk for the other poster

so sorry for late this late update, yeah I had to start the browser w/o my addons :roll_eyes:. but it finally progressed. now I have to figure out if any of the new cam plus lite options work well for me. thanks for looking at my thread.

i read on another thread a mod or someone more knowledgeable than me…said Cam Plust Lite enrollment encompasses all of your account . so unlimited cameras apparently can use the CPL options, but each needs to be setup individually

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