Cam Plus Lite (free) error

Error message when adding new Cam V3 to Cam Plus Lite…

I have a few Wyze cam that I using with Cam Plus Lite.

I just got another v3 cam and it won’t let me add it to my existing Cam Plus Lite subscriptions.

“An error occurred while assigning your camerera(s) to your plan. Please retry or contact us for assistance.”

I appempting this on my Window 11 pc with chrome browser.

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When you first get CP Lite you have to chose how many cams you want on CP Lite something like 4. I don’t think you can just add more cameras to that account. If I remember correctly you have to manage the CP Lite account via your account on the WYZE Web site.

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I use Cam Plus Lite. When signing up for CPL, I don’t believe I had to enter the number of cameras. I started with one camera and kept adding more within the App.

My suggestion would be to try to add the new camera in the App on an Android or iPhone/iPad type device. You mention Windows 11 and that may be causing the problem.

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That has been my experience as well. Only thing optional was amount to pay…mine is $0.


I never said my memory was good :rofl: I change from 4 cams on CPL and 4 cams on CP to unlimited CP when my camera count increased. :upside_down_face:


I still have CPL just in case I get frustrated with CamPlus and decide to cancel.


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Could you try to do this from the app (like others suggested). There is definitely something not working but see if you can get it to work in the app

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We are currently looking into this issue. You should be able to add it from the app side, if you cannot please let me know.