Cam Plus Lite "Make sure you opt in by February 15th..." vs. current Cam Plus

In the email I got from Wyze, it reads “Make sure you opt in by February 15th to keep cloud recordings on your camera, otherwise your cameras will capture still snapshots instead of 12-second videos.”

I have a Cam Plus (not Lite) subscription from prior to the Cam Plus Lite announcement. Obviously, I cannot “opt in” cameras on Cam Plus into Cam Plus Lite (nor do I want to). The question is, though, what if in the future I decide to not continue with Cam Plus and want to use Lite? If I cannot opt in the cameras currently on Cam Plus into Lite, will I have missed out the Lite option in the future?

Also, I have several V3 Cams still in boxes. If I deploy them after Feb 15, are they stuck on still snapshot? What if I later assign the new Cams to Cam Plus, and then unsubscribe from Cam Plus, will they get Lite?

In summary, I want to keep using Cam Plus for now, but want to ensure that I can use Lite later if I decide to not review. The implication of Feb 15 opt-in requirement
is unclear to me. Also, those Cams still in boxes, must I deploy before Feb 15 and opt-in to Lite so they can “lock in” the Lite option?

Bonus question: Cam Plus Pro: What is “Visual Alert Notification”?


Lite is per account, not per camera. Once you are enrolled through whatever circumstance, all cameras can use it. You can also enroll later. The deadline is only to avoid any cloud event gaps.


As a Cam Plus subscriber, you should be automatically enrolled in Cam Plus Lite sometime this month. Any cams tied to your account that do not have a Cam Plus subscription will automatically be assigned to Cam Plus Lite. If all of your cams have Cam Plus, there is nothing you need to do and if you decide later to switch from Cam Plus to Cam Plus Lite, you should be able to simply switch each cam via the Wyze app.

When you decide to do the setup on your new cams, simply assign whichever service you want on those cams via the Wyze app after initial setup and firmware updates: Wyze app Home > Account > Services

Answer provided by Forum Maven @carverofchoice:

  • This is part of the Cam Plus Pro narrative for Home Security comparison purposes. Basically, with standard Home Security systems, if a sensor triggers an alert (Contact or motion sensor, glass break, whatever), it only sends you a text notification that there was a “break-in” but you have no idea what or who the cause was. You have to decide whether to declare it a false alarm or to alert police without any visual knowledge of what is going on. Wyze is pointing out here that if you use a Camera as a sensor with Cam Plus Pro, that when the alert/alarm happens, it won’t just tell you that someone opened the door or window, but it will go so far as to show you a VISUAL alert of the intrusion, not just a text alert of the intrusion.