Cam Plus Lite opt-in nonsense

So apparently everyone has been getting these emails for a while - I’ve had no such thing until today I got one little pop-up saying I had 5 days left to opt-in to something or another or I would lose my 12 second recordings? I was at work and just trying to check on something quickly, so I have no idea what it actually said, but it sounds like I’m going to lose access to the 12 second event recordings unless I start paying? How is that okay? I chose to buy this product because I was happy with their free service. I am NOT okay with paying a subscription price to get what I was originally promised for free.

Please tell me I’m misunderstanding what’s going on here …

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You will lose them if you do not ‘opt-in’, but there is no payment required. You just tell it you want to pay zero.

Opting in will give you the exact same service but you will have person detection added also. Also like I said you can pay zero


Thank you! I finally found the info - it came up listed under “Cam Pro Lite toggling issue” (I have no idea where they get this tech jargon and why they assume everyone knows what the heck that means), and then I had to put in custom amount, and then I had to say I was REALLY sure I wanted to pay $0. I still didn’t feel confident that I did the right thing, so I really appreciate the confirmation!

And I still don’t understand why this information was so hard to find. I completely expected to find something right on their homepage explaining any kind of new service roll out.

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Many have commented on the confusing nature of it all, and I have been giving them feedback. I am glad you got it figured out.


I found this to be helpful. I can’t confirm it is “gospel”, but it seems to be correct afaik.

First, it’s missing the “thumbnail only” option as well as the no-cloud option as well as the RTSP option.

Second, the N/As vs. blank slots are pointless as they mean exactly the same thing. This is a decent first effort but it’s not a great chart.

My question is do the people who share with have to opt in? Will they lose the 12 sec video?