Cam Plus Lite confusing emails

I keep getting emails about “MUST SELECT AN OPTION BELOW” for Cam Plus Lite.

All my camera are ALREADY on Cam Plus. And now I see that Cam Plus Lite is added to my services.
What “must” I do it I already am paying full price for Cam Plus, am set-up for auto-renew on all my cameras, and do not want Cam Plus Lite (nor these confusing repeating emails)?

I am guess I do nothing since I am a Cam Plus paying subscriber…but if so, then please fix your OCM communications so they do not say “MUST” do something if I really don’t need to do anything.


That email was only supposed to go the people that were not subscribed to anything, they seemed to have gone out to more than intended. If you are already a subscriber you are set and do not need to take any actions. I apologize for the confusing email.


Thanks for such a quick reply…

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I have the same question but want to take this one step further. Since Lite is described as Legacy, does this mean if we ev wanted to drop CamPlus, we would be grandfathered?

Are you meaning if you have Cam Plus now and drop it you will still have Cam Plus Lite? I want to make sure I am answering the right question

There supposedly is no benefit of grandfathering any longer. Legacy name your price person detection accounts converted to the misspelled “Lite” tier. Every new customer off the street gets the same deal too.

Yes. Thanks. That’s it.

Why don’t I find an option to order cam plus lite when I click on the link to do so in the email barrage I receive? Getting frustrated.

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I got it too, and have all my cameras on Cam Plus for the year. I’d recommend better targeting of emails: you have all the data you need to do so.

I have one license for Cam Plus on single camera. I see the option to toggle Cam Plus Lite on my other 2 cameras but everytime I try and toggle it, it just doesn’t work.

You need to go to the Wyze Services site via a browser and subscribe to Cam Plus Lite before you can toggle the service on via the app.

Ah ok. I obviously missed that instruction. Thanks I’ll try it out.

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Make sure the email address you use on the Wyze Services site is the same as the address you use via the Wyze app.

Ok, so I’ve added a Cam Plue Lite subscription to my account via the site. And per Wyze own instructions, I should be able to open the Wyze app > services > Cam Plus and select Cam Plus Lite for the camera of my choosing. Only issue is, I don’t see any reference to Cam Plus Lite or license to suggest I have subscribed to it.

Again the only thing I can see is Cam Plus Lite (PD Legacy) toggle and that still doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

Make sure the email address between your Wyze Services account and your Wyze app are the same and make you are running the latest version of the Wyze app v2.28.0 (102) for Android. Assign any cams that don’t already have an applied subscription from Wyze app Home > Account > Cam Plus Lite (PD Legacy). Tap on the Cam Plus Lite (PD Legacy) line and post a screenshot of what you see:

Edit: Also… log back into Wyze Services and make sure you see this Cam Plus Lite entry on your list of subscriptions:

I got some v2s and v3s all using RTSP FW. I have read partial threads about when I “opt in” to Cam Plus Lite, Wyze will reach into my cams on a monthly basis and revise my firmwares with something other than RTSP. Is this true?

Looks like I have everything in order.

Still can’t toggle the service on.

Sorry, did you answer this? You may find this hard to believe but these Cam Plus Lite emails are confusing. I just cancelled Cam Plus on two of my cameras because apparently I can get it for free (although I did choose a yearly “donation”). It seems this program may be backfiring on you. Is everyone cancelling the normal Cam Plus subscriptions now?

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No, I still have a full Cam Plus subscription for my Front Door v3 that sees a ton of traffic. So all the extra refinements that Cam Plus as service offers I.e. Person, Vehicle, Pet and Package detection is great. And I’m only paying like $14.99 USD for the year which is like $20 CDN.

I’m just trying to take advantage of Cam Plus Lite for my indoor v3, so I can have it focus more on Person Detection rather then just regular Motion detection.

But I can’t seem to get it working for the life of me! :disappointed:

Anyone who has Cam Plus on one or more of their cameras will automatically be enrolled in Cam Plus Lite on their remaining ones. You can drop Cam Plus and get Cam Plus Lite for free but there is a difference between the two.

Cam Plus: No cooldown, extended videos, many AI features
Cam Plus Lite: 5-minute cooldown, 12 second videos, Person Detection

I have seen some say they are dropping Cam Plus because they do not need the other AI features, I personally kept Cam Plus as I want no cooldown and the extended videos