Cam Plus Lite confusing emails

I have been getting them as well. Very annoying since my cams are all using Cam Plus,

Still can’t get Cam Plus Lite on my indoor v3. I’ve done everything required.

Oh well, guess I’ll get back to requesting the Event Recording Schedule be brought back to the v3s, as it’s a feature sorely missed.

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These emails ARE VERY confusing. I have legacy person detection. All you had to do was just send me an email saying I’m being automatically switched over to Cam Plus Lite (cause we at WYZE want to confuse the hell out of you with a ton of emails since fall of 2021) Thanks for wasting 30 minutes of my day while I read these posts and figure this [Mod Edit] out!

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I am so confused. I have Person Detection Legacy. Do I need to actually do anything if I want to keep things the way they are or am I going to lose something if I do not enroll in cam plus lite myself? Looks like I was auto enrolled in cam plus lite anyway but still…do I need to do something to keep things as they were before this new cam plus lite c**p started? If I do not need to do anything it would have been nice if the email just simply said something like you are awesome and do not need to do a thing to keep things as they are. Instead I wasted 30-60 minutes of my time trying to figure out what’s up with this annoying new cam plus lite train they have decided to invent and push on us. Sorry, feeling annoyed from this.

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The way I understand it is Person Detection Legacy has morphed into Cam Plus Lite, but now allows those that didn’t sign up for Person Detection Legacy to join in and add V3 people too(Person Detection Legacy was only for V2s). But if you don’t sign up, you will lose your cloud storage. You can sign up for $0 if you want to, it depends on whether you want to help keep Wyze and their servers alive.

I think people on Person Detection Legacy were automatially signed up, thogh.

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Oh shoot. I cancelled the Cam Plus Service because I thought I didn’t need it any longer if I got Lite for free (I did offer to contribute). Do I need to keep at least one Cam Plus subscription?

No. You were auto enrolled. (The only confusion stems from them trying to guilt you into paying more.)

No you do not. If you were auto enrolled then do nothing. Worst case you can re-enroll in the Lite tier.

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As @Customer stated you do not need to keep a camera on Cam Plus unless you want the features of Cam Plus. You can put them all on Cam Plus Lite if you like.

I don’t know what’s going on here. I still can’t get Cam Plus Lite service activated. On my cams that don’t have a full Cam Plus Subscriptions.

It’s a great offer Wyze, letting us choose the price, but if I can’t even access the service, it’s a 100% worthless.

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Are you sure you used the same email address for the Wyze app and the Wyze Services website? If you did, you would see your Cam Plus Annual subscription listed in this screenshot.

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Yes I’m using the same email address. Also i see my subscription for Cam Plus and Cam Plus Lite in my billing history.

Now, to be perfectly honest, I’m only paying for the Cam Plus service on 1 cam and opted to pay $0 for Cam Plus Lite so I could test it out. But im still usable to get Cam Plus Lite applied to my indoor cam.

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No. Wyze will update production firmware but not RTSP, at least as of now.

This is really one of their most confusing changes.

I bought a camera last year and never set it up. Two weeks ago when I figured out what was happening, I plugged it in, but it defaulted to the free Cam plus trial and does not show up in my legacy list.

I think, I hope, today was my last day and I can switch it over tomorrow. Right now I’m not getting the “you have xyz days left” message and it’s still not in my list. If I can’t change it the camera is worthless to me. Playback off the SD card is a joke

it’s after midnight. I had to reboot the phone but that last camera finally showed up in my legacy list so that’s switched over to Lite now.

I can’t see buying another Wyze product after this.

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