Outdoor Cam w/ Cam Plus Record Longer Than 12 seconds on motion

You should add a feature to be able to record longer than the 12 seconds on motion. You can select up to 40 but it always ends when motion ends. Many times the event continues and even with 0 cool down it’s missed.

@M116 Which camera are you referring to? Outdoor cam? Are you subscribed to Cam Plus?

the 12 second Free cloud is to suck you in, once in you find you really need CamPlus to make the cameras worth having.

Of course there is the SD card storage option but if you try to access remotely it can be troublesome sometimes.

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The Outdoor Camera with Cam Plus.

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Even with Cam Plus they stop recording when motion stops even with video length at 30 seconds. What I’m asking is to record a full 30 seconds on motion. Often the initial motion stops for a couple seconds then the person or car moves again. But even with zero cool down it misses the completion of the event. Cam Plus should allow you to control the cameras to meet your requirements but you’re still limited to end of motion.

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I added this information to your title for clarity.

That request makes a lot of sense, particularly since there’s no feasible continuous recording backup.

When one of the CamPlus cameras needs charging I put up one that isn’t camplus. When I do that I always get the full 12 seconds that you’re limited to vs the camplus that stops after motion ends. Sometimes the clips are only 5 or 6 seconds with camplus. So I’m paying for a feature that gives me less recording time even though you can supposedly set the clip length with camplus. Seems like a simple fix to add a option to not stop until selected clip length has been reached.

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