Wyze cam V2 with cam plus: person detection not working

Lately I realized that I stopped getting notifications from one of my door camera. But what was disturbing is that today someone was standing by the door but no notifications. I saw an event vdeo at the same time and it showed nothing.

Screenshot from playback

Event video for the same time

Anyone got this before and how do I resolve?

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Assuming you don’t have CamPlus, that human activity would have fallen into the 5 minute cooldown period after the false alert event. :frowning:

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@njohnsonn1 It looks like the event clip stopped recording before the person walked up. They appeared over a minute later from the time the event video first started recording.

@Customer is correct, and I agree the 5 minute cooldown period is your problem. If you have Cam Plus make sure it is activated. Tap Account > Services > Cam Plus. This will allow you to record up to 5 minutes instead of the standard 12s clips.

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(and even more importantly it should eliminate that artificial cooldown period restriction, so additional motion later on is still captured)

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I have cam plus installed. I replaced and moved the camera to a different area thats not really important. And I realize the same thing is happening. It’s now watching a street but I have event videos that show nothing.

I also have CamPlus and my person settings don’t seem to be working correctly. It registers light reflection from cars driving by as a person, but then misses actual people. I have been submitting every event recorded that isn’t labeled properly for research so Wyze can improve (hopefully!).


I too, a CamPlus subscriber, have been noticing that I will get notifications for what appears a phantom event with a box showing where the event happened. When I goto the recorded video from SD card, actual motion (car or person) triggered the event at the exact spot the box was… but the notification recording missed the event by a few seconds… usually enough time for the motion to move beyond the frame of the camera. This has just started happening the last few days, or at least I started noticing it after all my events started not having moving objects in them. Hopefully this will get fixed soon.

Yes. This is exactly it. But for now it only one of my cameras doing this. Can someone explain why this is happening. I submitted videos but get no feedback

After spending several days with this problem, I rebooted all my devices, to my surprise Person detection started working again and events were less impacted by the time delay glitch. I still get notifications with the event captured in the thumbnail but not in the actual notification video.

Where do you activate the cam plus ? My account says I’m a member but says I need to activate my service?

I am no longer getting any notifications at all and when I go into my address is says there is nothing to see. Please help

There’s about a dozen threads here regarding how badly broken this is right now, & admin are choosing to ignore us.

Here we go again…Thought i wouldn’t have to get back on this forum to complain, but here i am a few weeks later. Person detection not working for me now all the sudden. Everything just comes in under “motion” which is pretty much useless snowflake captures. I am paying for person detection so it will actually be useful. Wyze=Disappointment

Same here. I pay for cam plus on three cameras and person detection very rarely works on one of them. I’ve tried submitting request to support and get no communication. I’ve submitted log reports and I don’t know what they’re good for, I’ve never heard from anyone. I tried to call the customer service number during the business hours and there’s never anyone available.

This is so terrible. I also just noticed that in the last 14 days of saved events on three cameras, there is NOTHING with Person Detection!!! Only Motion alerts which are not useful. I really loved my Wyze cameras when I bough them, but now they are not veryuseful, especially since I pay extra for the Person Detection!!

Same here. NOTHING but Motion. AI is NOT working at all. No VEHICLE or PERSON detection at all. These are serious issues that are not being addressed!!! I don’t want light bulbs, sprinklers, timers or vacs,just provide a camera that works like it says it should especially since I’m paying for it now. How about focusing on one thing at a time and get that right before spreading out and getting nothing right…!! Time for me to move on if this doesn’t get fixed ASAP>>>>>> I also have the same STATIC COMPLAINT as others. That’s another reason why I’m gonna call it quits with WYZE!!!

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Same problem encounter yesterday. To fix this, i deleted the cache and clear data of the Wyze app, After that back to login again and the problem gone. It seems the problem is from the latest update of the wyze app.

Thank you! That seems to have worked for me too. Frustrating that Wyze didn’t fix it in the app, though.

How do you know that Person Detection started working? I have Plus activated on one of my Cams, but I have no indication that it’s working. I see no difference from my other Cams. Thanks in advance for your help!