Is Doorbell supported on Camplus

I have been paying for camplus on my doorbell for quite a while and actually havent paid any attention fo playback. I just now tried to view the live stream of all cameras and see it says Doorbel not supported, checking the app I dont see a playback either although it does show as having camplus.
So am I missing something or is there no playback/ Live support?

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Yes, have you gone to Accounts - Services in the App and make sure Cam Plus is assigned to the Doorbell?

What 3rd party app were you using to call up the doorbell video? By voice or by selecting the device?

The doorbells will not have any Playback. That is a microSD Card Recording function and the doorbells do not have any microSD Card.

Your only options with the doorbells are Live Stream or Event Videos.

The Event Videos produced by CamPlus will be found in the Events Tab of the app. Make sure you have cleared any filters that may be hiding your doorbell event videos.

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Thanks SlabSlayer

The Live stream I’m trying to use is Live stream - Wyze Which is where it tells me the Doorbell is unsupported

The VDBv1 Wired Doorbell is currently not a compatible\supported cam in Wyze Web View.

One feature the doorbell does have that other cams don’t is the Recent Events slider bar at the bottom of the Live View where you can play captured Event Video without going to the Events tab.

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