Wyze Video Doorbell on Webview

Is the Wyze Video Doorbell supposed to work with Webview? I read in one section that it is but when I run the Webview app it shows it as an unsupported camera?


The video doorbell pro is unsupported, and the video doorbell (v1) will allow you to see events but not live view.

The FAQ is incorrect, I have brought it up to Wyze recently


I would also like to see a Video doorbell working on the Web view. I bought the all-cam monthly subscription and if the doorbell is not supported then why do we need the subscription?

The Cam Plus subscription brings vastly more features and functionality to the cam and the app than just access thru Web View. I have Cam Plus Unlimited and never use Web View unless testing something for a Beta or an issue. Cam Plus Unlimited brings the ability for adding cams without added subscription cost, no cooldown, full length video events, and full AI.

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I have video doorbells only… I want to watch it live on the web

Since that is the only cam model you have and since you only want Web View and not viewing in the App with the features Cam Plus adds, it probably isn’t a subscription you will benefit from.

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Where do we upvote this on a wishlist? I see the other benefits of my cam plus subscription (though I don’t understand how I know it’s there, since I’m seeing many videos in my event page, but still see an option to sign up for it, even tho though another page says I’m signed up)

But the webpage view is important not just to keep a desktop/laptop view open but to make it easier to share real time with police in an emergency.

I.E., “hello 911, I’m not home, but here’s a link to a live view of these guys breaking in to my place, so you can catch the right guys as you show up as they are running out !”

If every cam you have is assigned to Cam Plus, you shouldn’t be seeing any links or ads for Cam Plus. If, however, you have cams that aren’t assigned to Cam Plus, you will see the Cam Plus ad, usually when a 5 minute cooldown has been imposed by that cam, within the events list following an upload by that cam. This includes Cams on Cam Plus Lite.

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Thx I upvoted the web view wishlist item.

As for Camplus see the screenshots for what is confusing me.

I see this page in the app suggesting I sign up when I’m already signed up

You are getting the Cam Plus ads because of that one unassigned cam, looks to be a V1 or V2?

The subscription I see is a single cam monthly license which has the Video Doorbell Pro assigned.

You would need to add a cam to the existing license thru the website services.wyze.com in order to assign the V1\V2 to it. Don’t purchase another license, just add a cam to the existing one so that they have the same renewal date.

The Cam Plus Card you screenshot has never been reliable for me. More eye candy than real info.

Also, if you don’t have HMS Home Monitoring, that tab is being used for all kinds of ads since you don’t have any linked HMS subscription to fill the page with the Monitoring UI.

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It’s unfortunate that @rdudeja can’t get a refund, if that’s the case…

It is unfortunate. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t still try.

Sorry delayed reply. Thx for all info.

“ You are getting the Cam Plus ads because of that one unassigned cam, looks to be a V1 or V2? ”

Only question is I dont have another device to apply to cam+😆

Where is it that you are seeing the ad for Cam Plus?

I think the ad stopped with latest app update but it still shows no hours of video even though I see videos in Events page

I honestly don’t even look at the cards at the top of that page any more. Useless waste of screen space that contain meaningless information. Rarely are they correct.

You’re saying yours doesn’t show a count of videos or people?

Mine does, but sometimes it take a while to update, sometimes it resets to 0, etc.

It is meaningless info, only there to be interesting and show that your getting your money worth with cam plus. As long as your events are working you can ignore that.

Yes it is an issue but it’s very low priority since it has no real use.

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Imho the app needs a re-write.

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