Browser or Web Viewer

Please provide a web viewer that can be accessed from a browser like many other camera systems. This would be a huge value add since people are on computers so often from work, school or home. The larger screen of a desktop, computer, or smart TV would be very nice for looking at detail, and provide much more accessibility and desirability to the Wyze products.
Thank you.


This has been a request for many years, and supposedly they are working on it (for many years…lol)


They are working on this, last info I heard was they are coming up with a web client under the Cam Plus subscription. Conversation can be found below.


Yep. Figured the more they’re hounded, the more it will be considered. Just adding my customer weight to the pile.


It seems like if I can use my 9 year old Samsung Galaxy S3 as a two sided web camera, including audio to view LIVE video as well as recorded events by just using a downloadable app like Alfred, how hard can it be? It seems like they just need customer requested features to be funded. Even if it’s just recorded events, a web viewer to watch video files shouldn’t be that hard. YouTube has been doing it for 16 years, can’t be that hard. Just saying.


I have no idea why it takes so long, I do not work for them and am just a user also, but if I had to make a guess it would be making sure it is secure.

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Yeah WYZE… Just build YouTube. Peasy.

I realize you’re a mod and not a rep for the company. That’s why I say “they”. As for making it secure, Arlo has two party verification using biometrics if available, will text a code if not, which honestly I think is way overkill. I’m just recording outside my house, nothing I’m too worried about security-wyze. (see what I did there? :stuck_out_tongue:) Alfred can use the credentials of Google, Apple, or an Email created profile. Kuna has simple but effective security. With over 22.5k reviews on Amazon for just the V3 alone, (actual camera’s sold much higher than that I’m sure), it probably has more to do with making it Amazon friendly/exclusive. Customer demand is the answer. Thank you for taking interest in answering my questions though! Your willingness to help is appreciated!

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My opinion. As with many fairly recent tech companies, it’s mostly young people who can hardly comprehend that the world does not revolve around phones. Who needs a PC?

They’re wrong.


Totally missed the point. Tic-Toc. Patreon. Facebook. Hell, AMAZON PHOTO’s… There are tons of websites to watch stored video files. This isn’t the Manhattan Project.


I got your point. Software is always easy if it’s been done before. Sure… Use an existing solution. Integrations are also always easy. :wink:


Pushing new JUNK products is number ONE to Wyze, Software & Firmware not so much :rage:

Just an FYI regarding this thread for those who missed it. I received an email from Wyze this morning, subject line “AI Day”. It had a “By popular demand” section advising the browser access is coming! It states we will be able to view live streams AND recorded videos. It provides a “Notify Me” link. Hope the wait is almost over.

Thank you Wyze!!!


I unsubscribed from all Wyze junk mail, could you provide a copy with any “personal info removed” and a link for the notify me link when browser viewing is available?

Saw this on the Verge from yesterday: (Wyze announces new camera features and a new Wyze Smart Switch and Smart Bulb - The Verge)

“Finally, Wyze is bringing a much-requested feature to its users, a Camera Web View where live streams and recorded videos from Wyze Cams can be accessed from a web browser. It will require Wyze’s Cam Plus subscription.”


Yeah, saw a notice on Facebook Wyze group. Currently shows all cams in a group, but you can select each cam live, plus filter events. Works pretty good for a new Beta. The video is actually better on my Samsung Chromebook4 than my Android devices. The only thing I haven’t figured out is how to delete events within the new web viewer. Pretty cool Wyze. We can now dump the Tiny Cam Pro that never worked well for me.

What about this? Aren’t they saying it is available to cam plus users now?

I am a CamPlus subscriber, what is the Web View URL (web address) ???

I just signed up for CamPlus today specifically to use the Web View feature. I see different information on if Web View is functional or not. As of yet, I have not found out how to use it or seen a URL for it.

The address is Live stream - Wyze