Web based login

There needs to be some type of web-based application I wish you to log into from a PC and monitor remotely. It seems like it would be a lot easier to create than all these extra updates to the app which are very good and I thank you for them. However a web-based viewer would be great.


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Hi bryan

Since the feature’s wish status is currently Maybe later, this option might be worth exploring - if you’re comfortable getting into the workaround weeds a bit.

It was an easy setup and is working smoothly for me, but as we all know with this stuff, YMMV. :slight_smile:


Bryan, Thank you for the work around. I am a newbie user (today is my first day) and I noticed that my battery on my phone is draining…kinda fast…I am checking with my IT department now to fix this. Thanks again

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Welcome, Gator! :slight_smile:

My point exactly. No phones allowed at work but I still would like to monitor my home while using any browser