Browser or Web Viewer

URL is :

Sorry; Live stream - Wyze. Fat fingers.

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Much thanks xls79bsy!

Thanks for link

Not working for me, get display of all cams but cannot view any currently…
Wyze may be experiencing “Technical Difficulties” LOL (What’s New!)

EDIT: It was my Firefox Browser, works in Chrome…

Mine was buggy yesterday but has been great all night keeping my eyes on the T or T’ers.

Was a FireFux Browser issue, Chrome works fine.

Works, LOL now only if I had the bandwidth to view all 24 cameras at once…

I run on a cellular router in the middle of the Eldorado national Forest 7 miles from cell tower…

Lucky to run 8 cams at a time…

Waiting on Starlink, on the reservation list for late 2022 to early 2023

Glad it worked out. Wow 24 cameras! Have you figured out how to delete events within the beta app? I hope the astronomers don’t limit Starlink. They don’t like it. Dark sky and all that. Good luck.

Well it seems their web Viewer requires the camera data to go to Wyze then back to browser through through internet rather than on local LAN like the app does.

So at home I’m lucky to view 4 cameras at best at a time due to cam to server then server to browser using internet both ways, where as App viewing keeps it on local LAN once connected.

Went to town where I have 5G and the best I could do is 5 cams in live view at a time as the home bandwidth is limited.

Bet once I finally get Starlink this will not be an issue. Too bad local browser usage can’t stay on local LAN as App does then I could view far more live feeds. But their design limits this from happening currently.

I have Cam+ on all my cameras. Using Chrome browser on Mac.

The Live stream - Wyze link for Live Stream only works with my v2, v3, and PanCam cameras, not my Outdoor cameras.

I have not had any luck watching any event video, although the thumbnails are shown.

Very promising, but not quite there yet.

I have 3 V3’s, a Pan and a Doorbell. All but the Doorbell run great, events and all. The Doorbell sometimes won’t bring up the live view, just buffers. Haven’t figured out how to delete events within the Web Viewer app, have to use an Android device for that.


Tried the website, it’s stuck in a login loop.

Yep. sure is. Was working earlier today.


The View Wyze Cam Live on PC Browser is improving everyday… Yipee :exclamation: :exclamation: :grin:

Couple of Screen-captures from my desktop PC

Front Yard Cam on PC -

As of 23:45 Live stream - Wyze is having issues again… Must be working on it again…
Appears to be affecting Chrome Browser now.

Each time I log in, none of my cameras show up even though they are CAM-PLUS subscriptions.

To clarify, it says I dont have any Wyze cams paired with my account. Am I missing something or are they just working on it?

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Mine did work the day before yesterday and part of yesterday then I got the same message you are getting.

It is in Beta so they’re probably working on it.

Or.LOL I Pizzed off the Wyze God’s with my many unbiased reviews… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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From the Web Viewer / PC Browswer this is all I get in both Chrome & Firefox now… :cry:



<Message>Access Denied</Message>




<Message>Access Denied</Message>
</Error>`Preformatted text`

And Android also, Guess the coders are busy…

It seems hit or miss when you go to login if it will work or get that error. I get both randomly.

Remember they never gave anyone official access yet, it was just found and posted by someone, so they probably took it down now or are maybe doing some work too it.


I think you have to allocate a Cam-Plus license to individual cameras, just in case you hadn’t.

Looks like they completely took the site down now. That sucks.