Browser support for wyze cam - why not for free?

We decided to spend our life away from civilization, in an area without cell phone service. And I think this will be the trend, with the end of industrial revolution and urbanization, and with the ability to work remotely. And with having fast internet from Starlink. Anyway, all my life I used cameras which we could use with our computers (laptops). If wyze would offer this ability I am sure there would be many more customers, I would instantly buy a handful. But purchasing smart phones or tablets and using them just to be able to check the cameras is a real burden for us, northern people. We were waiting for a long time to hear that wyze cams can be used with browsers, but now turns out this feature is not for free. Are there any plans to make it freely available? PS: please don’t suggest to try BlueStacks or other workarounds, they are all really awkward… PS2: and yes, I understand that the majority of people has cell phones, and will not understand our problem. But we do exists, and we are many, believe me. PS3: I REALIZED I MADE A MISTAKE BY NOT EXPLAINING IT PROPERLY - WE DON’T DESIRE WEBVIEW, WE WANT TO BE ABLE TO SEE THE CAMERA IN THE BROWSER. ANY BROWSER. OTHER VENDORS OFFER PLUGINS FOR THEIR BROWSERS…

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Webview is currently free for this week only because it’s Wyzes 5 year anniversary.

Try it out, it works on any wired cams, but currently doesn’t support battery cams or doorbells.

I’m not sure if Wyze plans to make it free, it costs them to run it, so somehow they have to make that money back.

They originally indicated they might eventually make it free for all. And based only on what I read here, the current web viewer has many significant limitations compared to the regular app and so is at least as “awkward” as the alternate approaches. The mini hacks route sounds / sounded very promising although apparently new firmware is fighting it.


The FREE stuff is just how they get you to buy their stuff.

To make it actually useful that’s where the subscriptions come in to play.


Run Windows 11 with the Wyze App
That will get it on your computer :grin:


I logged in to try the “free” 1 week access to Webview.

I appreciate the “preview”. It works so poorly, I (still) have no reason to pay for CamPlus. The last snapshot (grabbed from last motion event?) displays quickly, however, live updates “never” download. (10 - 20 seconds of “circling” load time…) no live update displayed. I gave up.

The App works fine. WebVIew less than beta quality. Or is this a a demonstration of a lack of capacity to power the WebView services servers?

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Thank you! I realized that I explained it poorly - that we want to be able to see the cameras in any browser, not necessary over the web… just locally, on our wifi, but by using a browsers, or at least some sort of a computer program…

Wow. Great suggestion! Now I just need to buy new laptops, ours don’t qualify for the upgrade to windows 11 :slight_smile: Appreciate the input, seriously, this might me help to find an elegant workaround…

RTSP is the only way you can do this locally, but it’s no longer supported (at least for now). You could try using an app called tiny cam pro, but you need a mobile device to run it.

The problem is, as I stated, that we don’t use mobile devices. But thank you for your input, any idea helps. I think the ability to see the cameras on the screen would attract many people who spend their days in from of a computer… Then there would be no need to grab the mobile device every time when the alarm goes off (we have a small business and need to know when someone enters our premises, so we get notified about every vehicle).

tinyCam on Bluestacks is the way if you want to view from a PC browser (at home or on the road).

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So how do you set up and manage your Wyze cameras?

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For this purpose we had to obtain and use an iPad. Now, when sitting in front of the computer, and alarm goes off, we need to find and grab the iPad… and make sure it is always charged…

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We tried. TinyCam didn’t work, and bluestacks is really awkward, and to be honest just sucks… Basically those are all not very elegant workarounds, would be nice to have a proper solution. Again, not asking for the moon here, browsers existed for many decades, and are a universal “platform”, even when casting, streaming, etc. I wish our comps were upgradeable to win11…

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Bottom line, really, is you’ve got the wrong cameras for this. Alternate firmware under some circumstances can give you a local web browser view, but Wyzecams simply don’t have this feature out of the box. The Wyze WebView paid beta for CamPlus users mostly relies on Internet connectivity although the P2P software used should theoretically allow local streams…

Ironically there was a hidden local web view feature that was shut down as a security exposure.

I know. Just thought Wyze will be glad to receive a feedback, maybe it will point them into the right direction. Right now I am using Foscam cameras, at some point they were also late/slow with releasing plugins for Chrome browser.

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VLC can stream RTSP camera but it’s not in a browser.
I’m writing a very simple Windows Client if you want try that.

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Yes, I would be very happy to try it. I remember to have tried all options like tiny cam, vlc, but for some reason none of them worked for me. All I want is to see the cameras on the screen of a laptop, with the current OS of win10… Thanks for your willingness to help a stranger…

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Well not sure if that mean that you couldn’t able to connect at all or if the quality/speed wasn’t enough?

When people here say RTSP they imply that you “modified” the camera using a different firmware.

It’s nothing too hardcore or hackerish (it was distributed and supported by Wyze for a while) but it isn’t something I would expect from a regular user.

RTSP bypass completely internet/cloud/servers/accounts/login.
It would let you connect straight to the camera over your local network.

Can you please tell me more? Or point me into the right direction, to some tutorials on the web, if available. I am not a complete noob, I used to work in computer support, and we used all available software from Microsoft, but I have no programming skills… PS: I was not able to connect at all. I vaguely remember people in forums saying that Starlink doesn’t support RTSP, but in this case I would just use my router, I guess…