Web Based Cam management system

Is there in the works to have a web based version of the phone app for the purpose of managing/monitoring your WYZE cameras. I some cases, where you are near large industrial/military complexes, there is a high level of electronic interference (radar, x-ray, etc) that prevents quality cellular monitoring your camera. Also, in densely populated areas such as cell towers near sporting events, cellular access in diminished due to the volume of connected devices. Again, I am talking about a site that could work just like the phone app in monitoring your cameras. Thanks, Russell P.

Being able to monitor from a PC has been requested more times than I can remember, but Wyze seems bound and determined to think that the world revolves around phones. About the only way you can watch video on a PC is either an Android emulator on the PC, or to flash the cameras for Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) and then there are lots of ways to monitor them. I have never used an Android emulator, and some people say they work and some people say they don’t very well. I do have all of my V2 cameras flashed for RTSP and I can monitor them either individually (I use VLC) or in groups via Blue Iris software. Note that this allows you to monitor, but does not give any app control. Also note that RTSP firmware has not been released for the V3 cameras yet.
I very much wish that Wyze would come out with a PC application for the cameras.

It’s good to know that others are wanting this. I don’t see why there’s reluctance to have a web based portal, since in essence the phone app is nothing more than a chopped down version of the chrome structure. I get good feeds via their app, it’s just that being in an industrial and large city, it makes using the app frustrating when interference is prohibiting the full functionality of the product. It’s the half loads and stalls that eventually eat into my cell data limits.

… there’s a subset of market shares that they are ignoring with the "phone only” attitude. This subset would be those that are PC comfortable but adverse to smartphone use. They might even own a smartphone, but feel more relaxed at using a web based framework, and this group would be a group with limited data plans.