Viewing Wyze "Live" Cam within Account

Hello WYZE Community/Family:

I just joined you guys today and I’m excited learning about my new WYZE cam. I have a quick question to pose to the community…“Is there a way to monitor my WYZE camera activity on my laptop like I’m viewing on my android phone…live?”

When I’m at work I can’t always looking at my phone. I’d like to be able to just log into my WYZE account and have a monitoring dashboard that I can see from my computer.

Thanks all!

Welcome to the discussion. So far, the only means to monitor or control Wyze devices is through the mobile App, either Android or IOS versions. There is a Wishlist topic requesting a web-based method of monitoring and control but there are no apparent plans to implement that very soon. Click on the Wishlist topic feed and perform a search to see updated info on this. I also hope a web-based version will be made available.

Thanks, JJr I appreciate your feedback, A web-based version would be great.