Website Viewing design idea

I’m curious as to the thoughts on the community that has been asking for years now for online viewing. I’m just curious if this was a design that would work. Not that I’m working on one. Just trying to give the designers some ideas. On the left is a top menu with all the options. Below that is a events sub page… In the middle is a viewing/controls area and on the right is a collapsible settings area. I think this can be done. I think it can be done easily and cost effectively. And heck I would even pay more for the monthly fee to implement it. What are your guys thoughts.

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With the app on a phone, much of the processing burden is on the phone’s resources. Building (coding) an online interface may not be the most challenging thing that developers face, initially, but facilitating potentially a million users streaming video over the Internet would require a huge investment in server capabilities. Two other camera brands that I owned in the past could be accessed online but the services were so overloaded they were useless unless accessing the system in the middle of the night when most people are sleeping.

But it is possible. I have a netatmo camera that is viewable on both and the internet one works wonders…

Yes, I agree. and Oldgeek is actually wrong; it doesn’t have to be on a Wyze server. Much like our phones are not on a Wyze server operating just fine. In fact, laptops can contain storage for recording and can pickup video stream without a host away from the local network… so yeah, Olgeek and Wyze are both wrong when it comes to development. Wyze just doesn’t want to take the time or investment to make a Windows and Apple-based program for local systems because they lose out on revenue stream from their Cam Plus subscription service.