Did I See Something About Wyze Hosted Desktop Access to Live Camera Feeds?

I thought I saw something where Wyze was FINALLY building a web-based desktop viewable server so users can access their live camera feeds without needing to use the BlueStacks or Samsung Dex workarounds. They work, but they are a clumsy solution that is often not an option for those who cannot download and run unsanctioned programs on their work computers.

I seem to remember that this was going to be a premium feature which Wyze was charging a subscription fee for, but I don’t remember seeing if they were going to just bundle it into the CamPlus services, or maybe add another tier for users to choose from. The fact that this forum lists “web-view” as a post tag option is encouraging, but that may be a function of how often the feature is requested and discussed.

Anyone got the deets for Petes?

P.S. This will go down in history as my absolute shortest original post on any forum platform, and it’s hurting my soul to do it. For all my fellow context-addicts out there, I’ll do my best not to let you down again. “Where we go one, We shirk brevity for all”!!!

In beta, must be a cam plus subscriber.



Well that explains why I’m not able to participate. Despite providing hundreds of hours of delightful and entertaining reading for the kids at Wyze, they continue to tease me with Beta opportunities which they obviously have a script set up so that whenever I try to participate, I instantly get an email that says “LOLOLOL Yeah right!!!? Did you really think we’d be THAT foolish!?!?!?”.

It’s because I am a Ginger, which as most are keenly aware irritate people automatically the moment we walk into a room. It’s a completely rational response, and involuntary at that. We’re without a doubt wired differently than those who were blessed with skin that has a uniform distribution of melanin instead of the giraffe spots all over everything.

Whatever that difference is in the brain wiring we are born with, it manifests as incredibly annoying behavior. This of course only applies to males, with female Gingers often living their entire Ginger lives blissfully unaware of the lottery they won when that Y chromosome wasn’t there to flip the gender switch. I forget what we were talking about, and may have gone off topic… Oh well…

Good Talk!

No application required for selection to the Browser web view like Center code beta testing, it’s an open beta.

Assuming you don’t have Cam Plus? That would be the only determining factor, and if you do, you are in.

You’re right!!! You see that!!! Complaining and whining about being disenfranchised, even when it’s all made up in your head, DOES work!!!