Seems impossible to use Cam Plus

I signed up for Cam Plus back in August 2022, the only way I have been able to access the service is by contacting support. Typically this involves 4 or 5 log-ins and 10 or more pass codes over my cell phone.

Why doesn’t Wyze setup a web site or put a button on their website that will just take you to the cam plus service.

I tried bookmarking the web site last time support got me on it, after entering in a password (several times) and having numerous passcodes sent to my cell phone I always end up on a white page with only this text: “Full authentication is required to access this resourceunauthorized”.

Talk about flustratiing, paid $29,99 and this is all I can ever get. Not to mention how quickly they declare their camers obsolete, that is another sad reality to using WYZE!

CamPlus isn’t a web service. It’s the ability of cameras to record extended motion events and analyze for persons, pets, etc. using Wyze servers.

You access those recordings via the regular Wyze phone app, not via a web browser.

That said, there is a separate web viewer feature you can use if you are paying for CamPlus.


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As @Customer stated, CamPlus is a premium subscription service on the cam with the majority of features and settings accessed directly from the Wyze App.

The Wyze WebView service is a value added benefit for Wyze CamPlus subscribers. It has limited features and cannot do as much as the App can.

Additionally, the WebView does not work with all cams. Specifically:

Which devices are supported?
The ability to view the live stream and Event videos is available on Wyze Cam v2, Wyze Cam v3, Wyze Cam v3 Pro, and Wyze Cam Pan v1.

I see that you have tagged your post as a CamPan V2. It is not listed as a supported device in WebView.

Here is a link to the WebView FAQ:

Your login to the WebView will be the same email and password you use for your App and Wyze Account. Be sure your browser settings aren’t causing issues.

Be sure to click the Captcha “I am not a Robot” box first.

Wyze has also made it easier to log into WebView rather than using the text message Two Factor Authentication. Using a Google Account passport, you can log into the WebView using your Google Account.

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Oh, I am sorry, I should have taken a screen shot of my laptop screen while I was watching on my camera. Maybe I can get a refund if it is no longer possible to see the camera on my computer. That is what I asked for and paid for. 2x I have viewed that camera on my laptop, however each time the support has had to walk me through on how to get there.

I set up a Bosch system at my work in 2008, it was viewable over the internet back then, I am sure that technology has improved to where IP based cameras can still be viewed on a laptop. In fact, after I paid for the optional service through Wyze, 2x I was able to view my camera on my laptop as I mentioned above. I remember they had me select “service” but I do not see any options after that to get into the multi-camera screen where I was able to see my camera. I suppose I will call them tomorrow and see about a refund if that service has been discontinued.

I went back through my browser histroy and found the URL. I tried to attach a screen shot of the camera as I can now see it. I should have thought about using my history to find it. Sorry…

Unfortunately, not necessarily. The Wyzecams had no such capability until about a year ago, and they require you to have CamPlus on each camera you wish to view.

If viewing and controlling from a PC is your main goal then Wyze is probably not the brand for you at present.

There is a very long and painful history at

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