Web-View won't work with Video Doorbell Pro, FAQ claims it should

The Web View FAQ claims that Web-View works with Wyze Video Doorbell (in live stream only)…

When I try it, my other two cameras (Cam Pan V3 and Cam Floodlight) work but the Video Doorbell lists as “unsupported”.

Clearly it should work, according to the FAQ, so what’s up with that?

The video doorbell PRO is NOT supported. When it lists the video doorbell in that FAQ it means the original, non pro model.

Additionally, there is a small mistake in the FAQ. The original video doorbell will allow you to view event videos, but NOT live view.

You can also view the doorbell pro EVENTS but they are cut off a bit.


Thanks, IEatBeans.

Maybe it makes some kind of perverted sense that they would more or less support an older, presumably obsolete version of the product but not the newer one, but I sure don’t see it.

I guess all I can do is hope, after spending a LOT of money on Wyze hardware, that they will correct this oversight and it’s not going to be one of those “It’s on our list and we may get around to it someday…”.

I believe the reasoning is that the new video doorbell pro has a battery option, and like the WCO they don’t support battery cams on webview. They have said the reason for this is because some uses will leave the browser tab open and drain the battery very quickly.

Obv this could be fixed with a simple timeout or “are you still watching” prompt, but I guess Wyze decided to just block those cameras entirely for now.

I do hope they reconsider sometimes however.

Yeah, @IEatBeans, I’m perfectly happy to take the blame if I leave the browser tab up and it sucks down the battery. I don’t need Wyze to protect me from myself. :expressionless:

I totally agree with you on this one, but I also see it from wyzes pov, they will probably get a lot of complaints from customers when their battery dies and they don’t understand that leaving it running uses battery.

I think there are plenty of workarounds for this issue however, and I hope Wyze looks into them sometimes.

I just recently purchased this doorbell out of necessity for a new villa/condo. After I moved in, I discovered that the home was not hard wired for a doorbell, so this was my only option (not permitted to have electrician wire the place).

I agree with previous posts in this old thread. Trust the user to make the choice. Send out a reminder. Something. This is completely unacceptable to me. I had a Google Nest Doorbell at my other home, hard wired, and I really relied on it when I was away from home.

So far, I am having more problems with Wyze than I anticipated.