Web-View with Wyze Cam Floodlight won't stream

Just getting started with Wyze products, currently have a Cam Pan V3, Video Doorbell Pro, and Cam Floodlight. Of the three I find that only the Cam Pan 3 will work with Web-View.

The doorbell won’t work at all in Web-View (but they do warn that it is unsupported).

The Cam Floodlight will give me a still picture but it will not stream; click the “Start” button and I get a continuous rotary “trying to connect” or whatever it is. This is with Chrome on Macbook or Win7, and Safari on Macbook.

What do I need to do to get this to work?


It appears to work on Firefox which supposedly isn’t supported. Doesn’t work on Chrome or Safari which are claimed to be fully supported.

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