Wyze outdoor and wired doorbell not working with webview

wondering if anyone knows a fix for 2 outdoor cameras and wired doorbell “not supported” with the web view. i know this is beta and all of my cameras have wyze plus subscription. my 5 other cameras work fine which are original to v3. the 2 outdoor say not supported and the doorbell just spins and never loads. any info would be appreciated

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Welcome to the forums! The doorbell and the WCO are not supported in the webview yet, only v2, v3 and the pan. If you click the info button this will show:

Way more info with some light reading here:

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This is a very old thread, but I still much prefer to view my cameras via the web on a PC. Any word when the outdoor cameras will be supported?

The article here says they are, but I am still getting the error that my outdoor cameras are unsupported when trying to view the streams via the web on a PC.

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Not that I have heard or seen. I would follow the following wishlist for any updates, and to vote if you haven’t already to support it!