Wyze doorbell problems that need to be fix

Love the doorbell but there is problems! If you have cam plus on the doorbell and the led light turns on for motion it will only record video for 14 seconds no matter what because when the motion light turns off the video stops. If you go under advance option you can turn the led light motion off and it fixes the problem. I also notice if the led light is on a ringing sound comes though the audio mic. I turned the led light off because it makes the video look really bad at night. Night vision is way better

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Nice tip! I agree, that 14 second limits would almost make cam plus totally pointless for this device, might as well just not pay for it if you’re limited to 14 seconds while the motion light is on. That’s terrible.

I haven’t installed my VDB quite yet. Is this problem only at night? I assume if the motion light is on, during the day time it will still record longer, but that this problem of it cutting off when the motion light goes out is simply a problem at night (and is it only when night vision is off, or even when it is on as long as the motion light is being used)?

I don’t particularly like night vision (especially because they always cut the FPS down significantly when night vision is on), but I am assuming if I have a good porch light then this same trick will still work out okay. I’d prefer to be able to leave the motion light on so it stands out to people…but if I have to turn it off get more than 14 seconds, I’ll definitely do so.

So looking back at all the footage it’s only happening at night. I will test with night vision off and turn the led back on. Will get back to you soon.

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Okay just tested it with night vision off and led motion on and it won’t work the night vision helps trigger the led light. There is a conflict with night vision and led with only recording 14 second clips with both on. Daytime there no problem because night vision off.