Ring Interfering with Wyze Motion detection

Hi, I have two Wyze cams and 1 Ring doorbell. The Ring doorbell apparently flashes infrared blast every few minutes at night and my Wyze cameras are picking it up as motion. so I get pile of 12 second videos over night.

Anyone know a fix for this other than don’t use one of the camera types?


maybe try turning off night vision mode on the wyze cam.

me have a similar set up with my ring doorbell2 installed on the wall (where the old doorbell used to be) outside my frontdoor but my wyze v2 cam is installed behind a narrow window by the frontdoor. so the IR on the wyze cam would unfortunately reflect against the window glass and blind the wyze cam. so actually have my frontdoor wyze cam with night vision on auto but the wyze built-in IR is turned off. and therefore if the ring doorbell detects anything at night, then the ring doorbell IR turns on, and since that IR is outside, then both the ring doorbell and the wyze cam are able to see/record whatever using nightvision. for me, to see LIVE nightvision video from both at the same time, need to have ring app seeing live on one phone, and have the wyze app seeing live on another phone. or just look on one phone and separately see what’s recorded on each of the apps.

this turned out to be a great solution for me because my frontdoor wyze cam is behind glass, and need some sort of IR outside. me really also like having two views where ring has the horizontal fisheye view of what’s outside the frontdoor (and the pathway and yard leading to the porch) while my wyze cam is placed high up in the window looking downward at the porch (and part of the walkway in front of the porch). for me, my wyze’s downward view tells me if there are any deliveries on the porch.

what you may be seeing with the momentary quick flashes at night are probably the ring doorbell making quick still single snapshots every 15/5/3 minutes. each snapshot flashes the IR on. that way when you go through the ring timeline, you get something like a timelapse inbetween any recorded videos. have my ring do snapshots every 15 minutes. then on my frontdoor wyze, have a recorded event for each ring flash. me just merely look at the wyze thumbnail if looks like a ring flash. otherwise, if someone there, the ring IR is on longer and get that longer recorded event to watch on both ring and wyze. two different views.

(currently me have both CMC subscription and microsd on the frontdoor wyze cam, plus the ring doorbell subscription.)

Thank you for writing. I’m going to try to turn off the snapshot feature on the ring device and see it that solves the problem. I miss the snapshot feature, then maybe I can change the interval to 1 hour and get less false motion sensing on the wyze.

yeah me also really like the ring snapshots for the timelapse effect in the ring timeline. was really tempted to set it to every 5 or 3 minutes. but those settings say 5 or 3 minutes would use up the battery on the ring doorbell2. so keeping it on the default 15 minutes.

for my situation, really like how the ring nightvision with IR snapshots also give my wyze cam a moment of actual working nightvision (or much longer if go live with both the ring and wyze apps). you say false motion sensing. me say quick wyze peek thanks to the ring snapshot IR nightvision. because for me, each thumbnail for each wyze recorded event typically shows the significant change (usually only the IR flash illuminating the area) and may have a green box around the focus of the significant event of what causes the recording (either the flash or maybe even someone there), and therefore may not even have to watch each and every full wyze recording. just glance at the thumbnails. that is what is my routine. first, review the ring timeline. if there was a recorded motion event in the ring timeline, then note the time of the ring motion event, then look at the wyze event thumbnails, but only watch the full wyze recorded event that corresponds to the same time as the ring recorded motion event, and ignore/delete the the other thumbnails without watching them. for me, if actually delete too much, still have the microsd card in the wyze cam with the continuous video to review.

another thing. over here also getting like a couple initial flashes during dusk time when the sun is going down and there is still have some daylight, and also maybe one or two flashes during early morning sunrise when daylight is coming in. those flashes can sometimes be really so bright to blind the cam for a moment. me thinks that’s when both the ring and wyze night vision are working in that inbetween time and maybe the ring IR is too bright when combined with the sunlight coinciding with ring snapshots as my wyze cam catches those events.

for me to not be too bothered by notifications of the wyze cam catching each of the ring nightvision/IR-flash snapshots throughout the night, have set up a wyze rule to only do notifications for my frontdoor wyze cam from 6:30am to 6:00pm. anyways, the significant 24/7 notifications and particularly at night from the frontdoor for me would be from the ring doorbell.