Can I get the Wyze Cam V3 to turn on/off lights at motion detection?

This is probably easy, but I’m a newbie at this…
I was going to buy a RIng Doorbell, but I don’t like the lack of free video clip storage.
So I was thinking I would get a Wyze Cam V3 instead (pros and cons of just this???)

When we also want a ‘security light’ to go on for a few minutes if motion (from the V3 camera) is detected - and then go off a few minutes later. Is that doable? What’s the best way? Without spending a load of money.

Thanks for the help.


Okay, so the V3 is not the direction to go if you wish to avoid recurring fees. Wyze has decided to start implementing recurring cost structures and the new v3 marks the first new product since that corporate determination.
You can do what you want. It’s simplest if your willing to

  1. Do not need/want online storage or archival of your doorbells video feed.
  2. You are willing to spend a little time/effort learning some basics or muddling thru to your goal.
  3. You are willing to work with a couple temperamental devices.

Alternatively, if you are okay with a higher up front or recurring fees that are reasonable, then there are other simple solutions that will definitely meet your needs.

Before I spin any more yarn, I am remiss in not asking your tentative budget and tolerance of deviation from your target, give me a base idea or range you would be comfortable to get your project done, and if you are interested in parlaying this project into others (many who start love the results, and become avid automation fans, others are very clear that it’s a discrete need/project)?

I don’t need archival storage, but I do want more than just a live feed. If I’m not able to get to a screen to view someone walking up to my door, I want to be able to see it the next day - or maybe the next week - and I may need to see this remotely so just on a SD card in the camera is not what will work for me.
The reason why I was going from RIng to the V3 is because of the 2 weeks of free 12-second clips. Did I miss read this feature for the V3?

To answer your questions,

  1. I want online storage but don’t care about archival.
  2. time/effort learning some basics - sure I would do that
  3. work with a couple of temperamental devices - not so much… temperamental setup is OK but after I get them set-up I really want them to just work.

Budget: Max would be about $200 for a 1-camera /light setup and $300 for 2 of those.
Less of course would be better.

I should say, I do have a couple of things already that may help. I’ve got a couple of smart TVs, two Goolge Home minis, Also just got an Echo Show 8, have have two Echo dots.

Might like to do a couple of interior smart lights too - including some LED under cabinet (color and white lights) Probaby won’t do much more than that.

Thanks for your help!

It does offer 12 second clips and stores them 14 days however I think that’s on a 5 minute delay when you pay for cam plus it’s just 1 minute cool down. Could be wrong on the cool down they are doing an add on spot light for the V3 but not much else has been said per order is soon

I am revising everything I just spent an hour trying to get an available solution!! Based on the discovery that a run on ALL variants and brands as people panic about civil unrest they expect next week. I was aware of runs on guns and ammo, but this was not expected!!

Bill of Material:

2ea Wyze v3 cam
2ea 32GB uSD card class 10 or faster
1 ea Samsung Smartthings Multi-Sensor
1 ea Samsung SmartThings v3 Control hub
1 ea Treatlife Single Pole Smart Light Switch

Since your only needing a couple units, I’d think you’d find something if you dig long enough.

Hey Dave, long story short, after spending ages trying to locate stock to fill your application, I listed the BOM on my prior text.

I’d like to discuss if feasible as its quite hard to discuss via text. I’ll need to get you a number, but can’t reach you except by this open public forum, so hang in till tomorrow please, I need to make some inquires of Wyze and Samsung to verify state of availability on variations of the BOM that will work to fit your application.

There’s no cooldown with CamPlus

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Could you use IFTTT? If then and

You could just have any motion sensing light that is separate from wyze that is near the v3 camera, when the light senses motion it will turn on, at the same time the v3 camera will sense motion and record the motion, you will be able to view the recorded video 12 second clip and also view it on your SD card which you can set for continuous or event only.
This is the setup I have on my porch works perfect
The add on spot light for the V3 might work for you also

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I believe there’s actually a 1 minute. I know that there was some discussion in this when cmc was being planned.

There is a minimum process time to actually record the event, upload, and move on.

There was at one time but thanks that’s nice got mine setup with no cooldown now that will be nice

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Is this a RW experience for you?
My anecdotal experience is that depending on server loads and how many concurrent uploads on my cams, there is a variable but definite delay due to hardware and software constraints.

YMMV, what is your experience?

So far yes it’s working I just go off of my events page I have several that are within the same minute 2 motion 1 person detected situations like that

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That settings page is for a WCO with the beta firmware and camplus, correct? I believe the cool down for camplus is specific to the WCO due to being battery power.


That is correct beta firmware and I have cam plus on my WCO. You are correct it’s specific for WCO looking at the settings the V2 has no option for it but it has no cool-down with cam plus anyways.

Thanks! Wanted to confirm due to this thread being mainly about the v3 and want to have stated the different settings and options between the v3 and the wco and beta vs production offerings. Don’t want folks to be confused.

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