We have a W3 camera that is mounted about our front door facing the street and despite the fact that the notification is set to people only every time a vehicle passes on the street it set off the notification. Can anyone suggest how to proceed in order that it will only set the notification off when a person approaches the camera. All replies will be greatly appreciated.

Do you have the V3 or the V3 Pro (as you have tagged the post as)?

Do you have Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite (not on the V3 Pro) license attached to the camera?

Hi Omgitstony,
Thanks for the timely response to my post it is greatly appreciated. I have a Wyze v2 Doorbell if my post states v3 it was an error on my part.

Thanks again and have yourself a great evening.

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Ok, I’ll fix the topic tag for you, as it states cam-v3-pro .

Do you have a Cam Plus license on the v2 doorbell?

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Thanks for removing the information that I should not have posted it is greatly appreciated. I don’t see anything on the doorbell referring to a license. What is on it a FCC# a IC# and a MAC#.

Cam Plus is a subscription service that opens up the cloud storage for motion videos on the Wyze Cameras, and also has some AI features that allow videos to be tagged as recognized objects, like Person Detection like your wish above.

Here is the site for that.

You’ll need one license at least for that camera.

I have two other v3 cameras that I pay an annual fee for and one of which I recently renewed. Am I required to do the same for the v2 doorbell camera?

Yep, Each camera you want to have the features of Cam Plus need an individual license. If you want, in the Services area on the app you can move one of your existing licenses over to the v2 doorbell to test out the person detection on it and other cloud features on it.

Now that you getting up into the multiple cameras with individual cam plus licensed on it, you may want to look into Cam Plus Unlimited as it may be cheaper to go with that than to have several individual licenses. Just a thought. :slight_smile:

Thanks I will proceed as per your advice. By the way will allow me to correct the issue of the ballooning issue I am having with the v2 doorbell camera?

The “fish eye” view from the Doorbell v2 is a result of its field of view and lens specs. The Doorbell v2 has a more horizontal field of view than compaired to the v1 doorbell (which is a more vertical field of view) and the doorbell pro (which has a true fish eye, looks like your looking out a door peep hole). Here are the tech specs from the doorbell v2 webpage:


  • Resolution: 2K (2048 x 1536)
  • Video Format: H.264
  • Sensor Size: 1/2.8"
  • Aperture: F2.0
  • Focal Length: 2.1mm


  • Horizontal: 135°, Vertical: 103°, Diagonal: 166.8°

The easiest way to explain that is you get a fish eye, or ballooning view from the horizontal picture from the camera. Personally, i have all three doorbells, but i use the doorbell v1 because of the vertical oriented field of view so i can see in front of my door on my patio more.

Thanks for the info and I gather from what you are saying there is no way to fix this issue.