Doorbell Cam with PLUS - person recognition

Question. How do I setup person/facial recognition?

If you have Cam plus activated, got event recording and select “Motion Detection” and then go to Notifications and turn on “Wyze AI Events”. That’s it.

I’ve already done that and nothing is different.

Are you getting any notifications? Or when you go to view doorbell, do you see any thing other than “Live”? I will say this there has been some trouble going from the initial free Cam Plus to the paid version. If that’s what is going on, go into settings and remove cam plus from the doorbell and then add it back and see if that fixes it.

Yes, I get notifications every time someone uses the door in/out, sometimes several minutes later. I understand that with PLUS you can set it to show less notifications.

I will try to remove plus then add it back. So, how do I remove it?

Go to account in app and click on services and then cam plus. Then select doorbell and edit it to remove license and then go back and add license.