Recording ends while a person is still in the frame

Some of the events recorded show a person in the frame but the recording stops. I’m on a two week trial of Cam Plus. Why is this happening?

This is a common complaint of some cams on Cam Plus that has been discussed at length here in the forum. Here are a couple in particular:

Thanks for pointing me to those threads.

So it’s a known issue that Wyze isn’t addressing or resolving. How is that any good?

My two week trial ends soon, in my very short time in the forum, I’ve read many complaints that Wyze isn’t taking actions on. Suffice it to say that I will not be moving on with Cam Plus. It’s not worth it.

What are the limitations of using an SD card?

It is a known observation. Can’t say one way or the other if it is being addressed or resolved as it has yet to be isolated to an app, cam, or firmware version. At this point it is just something we have noted and discussed in the forum. I haven’t seen it escalated to Wyze yet as a bug or an issue.

The shorter videos aren’t on all my cams. But, even with this, I have Cam Plus on 26 cams and I do find it invaluable regardless the video length. The Person Detection and notification speed has been highly accurate for me on all my cams for quite some time now. So much so that I actually trust them to tag and notify as security cams. I have high capacity, high endurance, SD Cards recording continuous in all my cams so the Server Event Videos aren’t so critical for me.

I wouldn’t even mind if I had 20 Snippets of short events as long as one event started where the other one actually ended rather than a 42 sec gap between or two minute Gap in between when I pay for the unlimited subscription I should get full event recording back-to-back recordings with no delays or downtime

I see the same thing on all my cam with Cam+.
Motion is detected correctly but the recording stops when the vehicle/person is still in frame and moving (although perhaps at a reduced rate).
e.g. postman stopping to put a letter in the box.

Typically you will have another recording starting immediately after when the object moves again but it is annoying that you cannot configure a minimum “post-motion” time…

I guess this is because the camera relies on “pixels” changing to detect motion & the “detection type” is processed once the video has been uploaded to the cloud.

I tried changing the “motion sensitivity” higher but it only really helps to generate more & more unwanted recordings.

It would be interesting to see how this works on the V3Pro or V4 cam which have “onboard” person detection.

As a new customer, I will be honest & say do not expect Wyze to fix anything quickly or at all.
They are a tiny company (compared with other camera proivders Google, Amazon, Eufy, Tplink etc) focused on quantity of product types.

With so few people spread across so many products, you can imagine that there are maybe 1 or 2 working on “cameras” in general (support, improvements, new products not to mention the app, cloud service etc etc)

I assume this is why they never ventured out of the US to sell productions in Europe, RoW etc because they wouldnt be able to cope…