Cam v3 not recording whole events, just incredibly short snippets

Not sure why I can’t attach screenshots, but I’m getting really frustrated that my cam v3 is recording very short snippets of an event instead of recording an entire event. I use it to monitor my cat’s litter box, and it’s making 9-11 second clips instead of just recording the entire 2-3 min event. (So I will have 5-7 videos instead of just 1.) I didn’t have this issue until a few months ago, and honestly I thought it would’ve resolved by now. It records longer videos when I walk past it and out of frame (sometimes up to 2 minutes of just nothing.) But it will stop after a few seconds when recording the cats, even if the cats are still actively moving. Is there a way to force it to record longer? Occasionally it’ll get it right, but it’s rare. I will get 4-5 notifications of the same event because it stops and starts recording so often! I have it to high sensitivity, and haven’t blocked any of the area from the sensor.

Is there a way to fix this? I have one kitty who likes to go out of the box, and I’m missing the times she actually does go out of the box because it stops recording right before she does anything, and then starts again when she leaves the room! (If it even records her in the first place.) Notifications are also coming much slower than normal, sometimes not until they’ve left the room.

The firmware is up to date as well. I also lost night vision for a while, but finally got that working again last week.


This issue has been noted by others recently. Check out this thread:


I have the same trouble. I’m trying to monitor my pets, people and figure out how a raccoon is getting into my garage. If a dog pees on the carpet or chews up a shoe, I see the dogs come into the room but then the recording cuts off before the actual event, and then starts again when they leaves and I still don’t know who the perpetrator is. I get snippets of the raccoon but miss out on the information I need to keep him out because of video stops and starts. If someone is snooping around the house I see them arrive but completely miss what they are up to.
Other times recordings last 2 minutes and there’s nothing of importance happening at all. I’m confused. Can’t I change a setting somewhere??

Feed the :raccoon: marshmallows and they will leave your garbage alone. :grin:
I recommend that since this issue of you just getting short snippets of event videos that you purchase a good quality high endurance SD card, put it in the camera and set the camera to record continuous. That way when you get a short event on the events page of the app you can go to the SD card and play back the entire event and even before and after. That is why I have 128GB and 256GB cards in my cameras recording 24/7. EDIT: What type of cameras are you using?

During playback of event just tap the SD icon to view the event on the SD card.

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